Wednesday, November 05, 2008


I am awed a bit by last night's events. I am pleased to be able to have witnessed this part of our country's history. I am not a very political person at all and my personal political views are not relevant here. I got a bit choked up while thinking about what it means for us as a country to have Barack Obama as our next president and I am proud that we have come far enough for this to be a possibility.
It is the first time since I have been a registered voter and cast my first vote that I have not thought 'well, this guy is better than that one, but nothing is going to change.' Now I obviously can't tell you if things will change for better or worse, but in my gut I know that something will be different this time around. If nothing else it means something to our children. My daughter will be born into a world where even more is possible for her. I know it's not a pleasant thought but when you sit down and tell your child 'you can be anything that you want to be' sometimes that is a lie. Face it, if you have a paralyzed child, it is doubtful that they will ever become an astronaut, if you had a daughter or a black child a hundred years ago, president was not on the list. Now that possibility is there because it has happened. Maybe we will have an astronaut that can't walk someday too.
It is a big change, and I hope it means that more big changes are to come for our country and I hope those changes are only for the better. I know that all people can not be pleased all of the time. If you make one person happy, it's likely that what you did will not sit well with another, it is a true balancing act and I hope that this time we will all be pleasantly wowed.


Alexis said...

I hope your right I can't say I like how things went last night, but it's true being a woman and president were never in the cards. Hopefully history will go like before women were last to be able to vote after african american men where. Maybe a woman president won't be too far behind. Hopes and prayers that the change is good, right now I'm on the fence and to say the truth a little scared.

Hugs to you! Tomorrow the big day! Yeah, can't wait to see pics!

Alexis said...

Ok I couldn't resist off the topic of post, but on the topic of tomorrow. Thought these cakes could make you laugh!

Rachael said...

Those cakes are tooo much! I love that they actually found a baker willing to do it!

As far as the election goes, I was nervous for either outcome. Again, I am of the belief that my political views are my own and don't care to share who I voted for with the world. Either way it was going to be interesting so we'll just have to see how this particular scenario plays out.

Alexis said...

I know aren't those crazy cakes, you'll have to look thru her blog. She has ones on there of cakes that actually look like babies. That is just nuts to cut into a baby! I think my fav is the lady that had her wedding cake be a life size replica of her in her wedding gown. Even down to the details of the dress, yuck!

I hear you that is why I didn't post anything about the election, my blog is about the kids and my life not about that. I totally agree with you! Just sit and wait just like my life, to see what thing get brokes or thrown at me ... LOL!

THANK YOU for my coffee so needed a little pick me up! Hugs!

L J said...

I guess since you posted, and that means you are home, that also means that you are still preggers.

Come out, Come out today little one... :-) Of course there is always tomorrow!

Best of luck to you Rachael... either today, tonight or tomorrow! She'll be here soon.