Sunday, November 29, 2009

Just thinkin'

Sometimes I am so amazed at humanity and they way we are. It seems incredible that we can be so much the same in every aspect of things - we all eat, sleep, have emotions that are the same (though to varying degrees and yes I know there are exceptions to everything so lets not argue the small points shall we?) and yet we are all so uniquely individual also. You may look at a Van Gogh and see a beautiful night sky, and I may look at it and see globs of paint and wonder why the hell anyone would choose to arrange said paint in such a way. All of us are creative in some way or another whether we do so via artistic methods or not, it is there, it exists in all of us. So whatever your creative outlet is - be it artistic like painting, crafty like knitting or scrapbooking, or simply the way you arrange your extra toiletpaper rolls in the cubboard - keep doing it...there is and will only ever be one you in all of time. Express yourself and keep it coming don't worry about how good things are or if they hold any value - just express yourself for yourself.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Still here

Just been back into that feeling that I must have pics in order to blog and frankly I have not been taking many lately so there you go.
In other news I have been doing bunches of fiber prep and spinning and one of these days I am going to figure out how the heck I want to spin my fleece and go to town on it. For now I am just really pleased with the results I have been getting with the Indigo Hound wool combs I have been using - it's making a very nice roving. Oh and of course now that the wool is clean - it was still a bit of a bear when I was fighting the lanolin.
I'll post again after I have taken some pics of what I am spinning now, but not for a few days I am sure since we are hosting Turkey Day this year...Pies are cooling on the counter now and we are gonna whip that Turkey into shape tomorrow morning.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Catch Up

Ok so I finally finished my socks yesterday so I can blog I had to do that whole mom thing and keep the kids in food and clean clothes. The pic is a bit blurry but it's the best one I have right now: So last weekend we had Abby's 1st Birthday party. It was fun - lots of food and friends. Brian made some yummy meatballs and I made an artichoke dip that I love so much I might have to make it every week.
First we ate and then Abby opened presents (with a little help of course):
Then we gave her cake. Here is the cake before AbbyZilla:Here is AbbyZilla spotting the cake:Mmmmm this is yummy - now can I have a hug?Oh and we can't have cake without playing the 'tummy drums' And then there was the bath...let me tell you something, frosting is made with shortening, which means it's greasy and leaves a nice skin of oil on everything...had to bring the dish soap up to clean the tub when all was said and done.
The biggest hit of the party was the tea set that Brian picked out for Abby - mostly among the boys - the girls were off hammering on the tool bench and playing with trucks (ok they were really putting together a puzzle, but still).There is Jacob pouring a cup of tea for Caden.

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Holy Holey socks Batman!

I have finished the first of my Monterey socks. Yes, they have holes in them, and I am positively giddy about it! These are probably the funnest socks I have ever knit! They knit up sideways. The only thing I don't like about them is that there is a whole lot of picking up of stitches (for the toe, heal and cuff) but I guess they will help me to improve my stitch picking up skills.
Anyway, here's a pic...
Now I am going to go cast on sock #2 - um yeah, maybe after Abby's b-day party this afternoon.
On that note, as of 10:57 am yesterday Abby is 1year old! Woo hoo! Here is a pic of her and her Daddy on her birthday in her brand new big girl carseat:

Monday, November 02, 2009

Old and New

I was taking pictures of something new to show ya'll and discovered some old pictures I forgot to show ya. So the 'old stuff' is that when we were packing up the bathroom at the old house, my friend says "what's in this drawer?" I say "what drawer?" he says "this one!" And pulls open a drawer I did not know existed for the last SIX YEARS! I have been livid over this ever since it's discovery. I could have been storing crap in there. Like bath towels and toilet paper. I am almost over it, but not quite. Here is the bathroom counter/cupboards/drawers:And here it is with the "invisible" drawer open:
I mean I could have kept enought tp in there for months of use! Or actually kept clean towels in there NOT stacked on the back of the toilet.

Anyway so there is the old stuff. The new stuff is that I knit up my Mohair yarn into a lace cowl and I absolutally love it. The yarn is so soft I knew I had to make something to wear next to the skin but there was very little of it to use. So I found a pattern on Ravelry and knit it up. It was a quick knit, very simple and easy to fix when I managed to screw it up (but really it's very simple, I was just not paying attention). Here it is on the table:

and here it is on: