Friday, September 18, 2009


We finally have our move in day! One week from today on the 25th. woo hoo! Now I can get situated on how much to pack ahead and what not!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Stupid Van

So the van totally crapped out on me last Sunday. I was at Costco leaving the parking lot when it dies. Just the engine, not the whole shibang. I restart and off we go. Dies again. I called Andrew to come and rescue me (thank god I only had Jake with me and not both of the kids). He gets in to see the problem first hand and of course it goes just fine...we make it to Titus-Will and park it at the Service Dept. wich was closed for the holiday weekend. I put my key in the drop box while Andrew walked back to get is car. When he got back we transferred groceries and car seats and drove home.
So Tuesday rolls around and they are still working on it. Wednesday they tell me it's gonna be a part for like 435 plus the 96 for the diagnostic, and then there is labor costs too. He calls me back later - woops, looks like the problem is in the transmission, another 100 diagnostic charge for the seperate system. Thurday they finally find the problem and have to order a part. Friday it's fixed. When it's all said and done for parts labor and taxes we are out lik 775. Not as bad as initially quoted so that was a relief. I am so ready to get rid of this money pit of a van (still no a/c - not a vital part of the operating system) but we are of course buying a new house so that won't be happening for a while.

Yesterday with Andrew's help we dug the ditch for the electrician to lay the conduit from the house to the garage. That was a bit of a job considering we had to deal with a bunch of roots from the old apple tree - some so large I had to get the hatchet out and go to town on it - I have blisters on my hands :( but it's done :). We also went to a wedding, wich was one of the more enjoyable weddings I have been to in a while. Jacob and Abigail were very well behaved considering the hour (it was an evening wedding - we left early, about 9pm - they hadn't even cut cake yet).

Today I get busy with more packing...hopefully we will get the word back soon on how our appraisal goes and if we will be allowed to take early possession. Oh and contractors come Monday to get all of our stuff fixed for the buyers. Then we will be officially done with everything and just waiting for closing. Hopefully all goes smooth and by this time next week we are in our new home!

Friday, September 11, 2009

September 11

Just Remember.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009


My craft room is completely empty! I haven't seen it like this for 6 1/2 years. Now all of it's contents are boxed and stacked in the dining room. We have decided to pack the house one room at a time and stage everything in the dining room so on moving day we don't have to go up and down the stairs. One room at a time is more manageable than one whole house I think. I also plan on cleaning as I go so that once a room is done it's completely done. I still have to vacuum and sweep the walls and wash the windows in that room but the hard work is done.
The way I figure it I have to pack one room a day if we are to move on the 18th. We may not be moving that soon but that would be ok too as long as we DO move.
So, here's to getting it all done!

Sunday, September 06, 2009


Ok I have one box packed. I have 'started packing.' The real trick here is to keep going and actually 'finish packing.'

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Moving Up

So my Realtor calls last night to let me know that they have schedule the appraisal of this house but also to let us know that we could potentially close as early as the 18th! Wow I guess I should get my but in gear with the packing! The current owners of the home we are buying are going to be gone by the 17th and so we can move in early if they ok it. That means that we can close early wich is great since the buyers of this house keep pushing for an earlier closing. Everyone will be happy if this happens so I say go ahead and move it up!

Thursday, September 03, 2009

What I'm Working On

So...I made another spindle...I think I am done for a while now. I really do need to start packing, not making more of a mess around here.
This one is made out of a chopstick and another donut bead - looks like bone, I am not really sure what it's made of. Very light. I will only be able to spin very fine on this spindle - I think it's my favorite so far.
I finished spinning up the silk blend that I got at the County Fair when I participated in the Sheep to Shawl back in August (don't have pics from that, left my camera at home that trip). Right now it's singles but I think I might ply it with some a grey silk/alpaca blend.Next up are the socks I am working on. These are constructed sideways and I am loving the technique. Yes those are holes in my sock...just wait, you'll see when it's all done...I am giddy over these socks.And lastly I have started a lengthwise scarf out of some of my handspun yarn (guess I am on a sideways kick with the socks and now this...)This should just fly off the needles once I get it going. I can't wait to see this one all done too.In other news, Abby now has two teeth! Oh and I got to sleep ALL NIGHT last night (no I don't believe me either, but it happened!) both kids blessedly did not scream or wake up needing to poop all night. Jake usually wakes up and yells at me from his bed (he knows I can hear him through the monitor)...this morning he did what I have been telling him it's ok to do for several months now, just get up and come on down. It was a little weird to wake up to a little face popping up over the side of my bed saying "wake up mommy" but nice too.
Well, I guess its time for laundry and all that silly houseworky stuff.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

I Think I'm Addicted

To making spindles that is. If you want to learn to spin, I can hook you up with a cheap yet highly functional spindle (Mine usually cost less than 5 bucks to make, some less than 3).

So, here are the two newest:

The top one is a piece of wood that I covered with fabric and sealed/hardened with Modge Podge. The pottom one is a pendant that I drilled a hole in the center and used the hole that one would hang it from as the spot to place my notch (aides in the spinning process).
I already have a neat idea for a couple more spindles and am going to have to try em out.
In other news the tree guys came today and cut down the apple tree and a couple of smallish maple trees that were pressing on the garage. It was pretty painless but I am a little sad about the apple tree. I am pretty sure it was as old as the house. It really did need to come down though as it was rotted out in a pretty serious way. Electrician coming back tomorrow to install new vent fan in the kitchen.
Next we get the house appraised (buyer's expense not ours - well actually it probably is coming out of our pockets as we have agreed to pay their closing costs). Then we are really done except for the sigining of closing documents, oh and that whole packing and moving thing...I'll start packing soon...