Thursday, September 03, 2009

What I'm Working On

So...I made another spindle...I think I am done for a while now. I really do need to start packing, not making more of a mess around here.
This one is made out of a chopstick and another donut bead - looks like bone, I am not really sure what it's made of. Very light. I will only be able to spin very fine on this spindle - I think it's my favorite so far.
I finished spinning up the silk blend that I got at the County Fair when I participated in the Sheep to Shawl back in August (don't have pics from that, left my camera at home that trip). Right now it's singles but I think I might ply it with some a grey silk/alpaca blend.Next up are the socks I am working on. These are constructed sideways and I am loving the technique. Yes those are holes in my sock...just wait, you'll see when it's all done...I am giddy over these socks.And lastly I have started a lengthwise scarf out of some of my handspun yarn (guess I am on a sideways kick with the socks and now this...)This should just fly off the needles once I get it going. I can't wait to see this one all done too.In other news, Abby now has two teeth! Oh and I got to sleep ALL NIGHT last night (no I don't believe me either, but it happened!) both kids blessedly did not scream or wake up needing to poop all night. Jake usually wakes up and yells at me from his bed (he knows I can hear him through the monitor)...this morning he did what I have been telling him it's ok to do for several months now, just get up and come on down. It was a little weird to wake up to a little face popping up over the side of my bed saying "wake up mommy" but nice too.
Well, I guess its time for laundry and all that silly houseworky stuff.

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Alexis AKA MOM said...

Wow my dear that is very pretty I love it ;).

I can't wait to see those socks done! And a scarf look at you go girl!

Yeah a full night of sleep :). And thanks to a smiling face and a good morning mommy!

Laundry how fun! Packing even better! :)