Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas socks

Sooo I am working on some socks as a Christmas gift and I have just turned the heel's (doing 2 at at time). It feels like they are going so darned slow...I have a feeling this will be another down to the wire project...I really hope to have them done so I don't have to present them 'on the needles.' 4 days...damn...ok gotta go knit. At some point I am going to have to start wrapping gifts and that is really gonna cut into the knitting time.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Crafty Stuff

Spent most of the weekend shopping for Christmas and we are almost done...Just 5 more people to I need to finish the socks for someone (ok I need to start them. Yes I do know there are only 11 days until Christmas. I guess I better knit fast). On that note the mate for this sock:Is on hold until said pair are finished.

I made a really cute hat for Jake...I went sans pattern so it is a bit tight on his head but if I remember how I did it, Abby's will fit perfectly (I think I cast on 70). I may just make his Abbys since he really doesn't like to wear it (say it ain't so) and it fits her well (and it has a bit more purple than blue in it - didn't see that in the dim light of the shop).

On Saturday my friend Alexis met me at the craft shop and we bought stuff to make some handbags. They turned out really cute! Here is mine:
and you can see hers on her blog here. I actually finished mine on Sunday as we were running short on time and I am the one that keeps the sewing machine at the end of the day :)
On Thursday I finished filling the cop on my drop spindle so here is hank#3 of my Ring Around the Rosie yarn that will become some socks for me someday...Probably pair this yarn with some black and either use this pattern: or just to a simple sock with black cuff, heel and toe.
Sooo I am off to start a pair of parting I thought I'd show you the pic I was able to snap of Santa and his Reindeer:

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

A day in the life of...

...of well, Me. Nothing exciting but I thought it would be interesting (or totally boring depending on what your into) to post about some of the things my job entails...
This morning I had to shove over and hang my butt over the edge of the bed so Toddler The First could crawl in and get comfortable.
A couple of hours later I had to get up and turn on the light for said toddler so he could play with his train set...but the trains were missing and crying ensued. This crying woke up Toddler The Second and so brought her to bed with me and by this time Jake had found a firetruck (with lights and sirens, yipee!) to occupy himself with.
Next up...the hunt for the trains...after everyone was awake and downstairs (oh and I went and started hubby's truck for him in the lovely 16 degree warmth because I love him and he was running late) I went up and tried to find Jake's missing trains, after searching his room, his sisters room, the laundry room, the bathroom, the spare bedroom and my bathroom I found them under my cedar chest at the end of our bed...he has been playing with them most of the morning.
Later I went on a balloon rescue...our entryway goes all of the way up to the 2nd floor so when the balloon was released in that area it was not reachable...ended up grabbing the broom, standing on the stairs, holding onto the rail and leaning way over and swiping at the streamer until it moved over enough for me to reach it all the while being told "be careful mommy, don't break my balloon". 20 minutes it took for that stupid balloon and then he only played with it for 3 minutes...go figure.
I have rescued my daughter from 'certain death' 3x already this morning...she loves climbing up on and standing on tables...we may have to get rid of our 2 end tables all together since she won't stay off of them. And she is lightning quick - anyone out there with kids knows how it only takes the time for you to bend over and pull the cuff of your sock up before they are on top of the fridge.
I 'made' breakfast...we had Cheerios today since Jake requested them and Abby has a fit if she doesn't get what everyone else is having too. She is really bummed when we go for coffee or wine or beer since she (and obviously Jake too) don't get any no matter how much whining, crying and foot stomping there is.
I moved our leather sofa around to make a space for the Christmas tree and Jake loves the new space and had been running around in a 5ft circle exclaiming "I am having so much fun at the playground playing with my friends!" (Must be imaginary friends).
It is now almost 10 am so I am sure we are going to have tons more fun today...maybe I'll finally post a pic but for now I am making my to do list...
I have a couple of fun jobs on the list like cleaning out the diaper pail and the cat box...and I get to go out into the freezing ass cold and put the spigot covers on (better to be a bit cold then to have some broken pipes.) I am also going to check tree lights to see if I need more this year or not (may go to LED if I need to buy new ones)...that should be fun with two curious little ones...

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

On the bright side.

I am knitting socks as a Christmas gift for someone and having finished the first one have discovered that in addition to it being a color I would never normally pick out for myself but turn out to love, the darned things fit me perfectly and will be too small for their intended recipient.
I have decided to complete the pair for myself and start over for my gift reciever. Sooo Yay a new pair of socks for me. Bummer is I thought I was going to be totally done with these before I started my Christmas shopping. Oh well. I guess it is good practice for Sock Wars. I have learned I can churn out one whole sock in less than 3 days, including interruptions from things like feeding, bathing and general care of two toddlers and one husband (one of the fish was a casualty however, but I think that was because the cat is trying to scare them to death, and succeeded, not because I have neglected them (completely). The other fish is fine). I think sock #2 will go faster as I have the pattern memorized now too. I guess I should actually check guage before I start the gift socks again...