Wednesday, December 02, 2009

On the bright side.

I am knitting socks as a Christmas gift for someone and having finished the first one have discovered that in addition to it being a color I would never normally pick out for myself but turn out to love, the darned things fit me perfectly and will be too small for their intended recipient.
I have decided to complete the pair for myself and start over for my gift reciever. Sooo Yay a new pair of socks for me. Bummer is I thought I was going to be totally done with these before I started my Christmas shopping. Oh well. I guess it is good practice for Sock Wars. I have learned I can churn out one whole sock in less than 3 days, including interruptions from things like feeding, bathing and general care of two toddlers and one husband (one of the fish was a casualty however, but I think that was because the cat is trying to scare them to death, and succeeded, not because I have neglected them (completely). The other fish is fine). I think sock #2 will go faster as I have the pattern memorized now too. I guess I should actually check guage before I start the gift socks again...

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Alexis AKA MOM said...

You crack me up, sorry the sock is too small for the person. Can't wait see what the look like!

Poor fish hope you had a good life ... LOL :)