Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Miss Eve and Her Quilt

She loves her quilt!

Monday, April 24, 2006

Secret Sisters are back!

Well, today I got my secret sister package in the mail from Jennifer, aka White Buffalo, a woman in the FiGuMs group. These ladies are all so generous! I got 3 fat quarters, Chocolate!!! a skein of yarn, a crochet hook 2 spools of thread and an adorable picuture frame. ...the pic below says it all:

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Baby Quilt

Well I have just finished a baby quilt that I made for my neice. I made it entirely with fabrics I got at the new quilt shop in my area, Evergreen Quilting. I am so very excited to have a quilt shop so close to home! Here are some pics of the quilt! It only took me about 4 hours to complete after I had the washing done (mind you this was spread out in 20min - hour long spurts over several weeks). The part I liked the most about making this quilt is that I did not have to put any batting in it and therefore I did not have to quilt it as heavily as I would have otherwise. The first photo of course is the entire quilt. The second one (below left) is a close up of the moon quilting I did, and the third one (below right) shows the super soft fabric I used as backing. I think it's called Minky or something of the sort.