Sunday, August 30, 2009

Crafty day

So I have been working on another pair of socks and got to the point that I needed to do some grafting. Problem is I lost my yarn needle (major bummer since I haven't been able to find one quite like it and I loved that needle). I went to Joanne to pick up a replacement and of course I wander when I go there. I saw something that inspired me while there and I picked it/them up... A couple of doughnut beads. I grabbed two of them, a couple of dowel packets and a packet of cup hooks. Oh and the sandpaper. I am so glad I remembered the sandpaper even though it meant getting out of line.

So I got home and started to can do this too...all you need is:
-a donught bead with the most centered hole you can find or a wooden toy car wheel.
-a wooden dowel in the same diameter as the hole in your bead...just eye it, it will probably work.
-a small cup hook
-a thumbtack and/or drill with a small bit.
-small saw
-pencil sharpener (the handheld kind with 2 size holes)
-superglue or other strong bonding agent.

Slide the bead onto the dowel. I buy the 99cent packets that come with 12 dowels that way I can find the best fit as they vary ever so slightly in size. It should be a pretty tight fit - you might have to wiggle the bead with a little pressure to get it to slide on.

Next I used the push pin to mark the center of the top of the dowel and pushed it in as deep as my cup hook. At this point you may drill a pilot hole for the cup hook but I found the push pin hole was enough for me to start screwing the hook in. Not too tight or the wood might split on ya. Even if you drill, use the pin to make a starting poing for your bit so it doesn't skip around on you. Also you are less likely to split the wood if you drill the hole first.

Now I saw the bottom of the dowel off so it is a length I am happy with - its subjective, you might like a longer shaft than I do, you might like a shorter one.

These next couple of steps are optional - I put the bottom of the dowel in the pencil sharpener and 'sharpen' it to get a tapered end (you don't want it pointy) Then I sand. I sand the tapered end so it's smooth and also the shaft and the top above the whorl (bead). I just smooth all the edges out.
You can totally be done at this point, however depending on how tight the bead/wheel fit on the shaft you might want to secure it. I slide the bead up, run a ring of glue around the shaft where I want the whorl to sit and then slide it back down. I hang it from the hook so the whorl is not skewed by laying on it's side. You can also stain and/or varnish or wax the dowel too for a more finished look. I choose not to do this last part but the beauty is I can always do it at a later time.
So, here they are!
Amethyst:and Stone:

The other little project I have been working on for about a year (well I started it a year ago and put it down until last week) is a mini scrapbook about the little things I love that my son does. Nothing fancy just some pics, patterned paper, eyelets and a ring from the office store.Did not turn out exactly as I'd imagined, but it works.
So, there you go, a few crafty things I have been working on. Next up is probably some spinning or socks. Course I should really be packing...

Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Hardest Part is Over.

At least it seems to be. We got our list of things to be done to the house and after all the fretting and worrying it looks like it will indeed be electrical issues, a couple of small plumbing items (gas and water) and removal of 3 trees. It will cost us about $1800. Tree guy comes Monday (decided to have a liscensed, bonded guy do it rather than my brother, who is quite capable but does not have liability insurance) and I am waiting to hear back from the other contractors for scheduling.
Now we have to start packing. Ok maybe the hardest part isn't over yet...I plan on weeding out and thinning down and totally decluttering as I pack. It will probably take the full 4 1/2 weeks I have left. (yes, really, I am a total pack rat and sentimental to boot. We have lived here for 6 years and managed to not really throw much away in that time).

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Laundry List

Though nothing really to do with the laundry room. Mostly what they want fixed is electrical. A lot of it. Getting estimates.
The real stinkers are these - they want us to cut down a couple of trees. That is spendy. I got a guy though who will do it for not too much (that would be my brother for gas money. Gotta love family). The big one is that the inspector said the gas meter is too close to the electrical box. The thing is I think that only applies to new construction, it sure as hell didn't come up when we had this house inspected when we bought it. If we have to move it I think it will cost more than we have to spend.
So where we are at is that we are waiting for estimates and will go over the list of things and get back to them on what we think is realistic for us to cover.
I get to visit my new house on Thursday for the inspection. Very excited to see it again (remind me of this moment 5 years from now when I am totally over cleaning up after a 7 and 5 year old in it...)
Oh, and I have been doing a few crafty things...started a mini scrap book (actually started it about a year ago but finally am getting around to assembling). I also finished Jacob's socks:

Friday, August 21, 2009

Nerves A-Plenty

Don't know why I am all in knots over the house being inspected. I mean it's over and done with but still I am all wigged out. I guess my biggest fear is that they found enough wrong with the house that they won't want to buy it. Or they will ask for more repairs than we can afford. Now don't get me wrong, my house is not in disrepair, but it is 93 years old.
SOoooo here's to hoping they still want this old house. We should know by Saturday at the latest.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Oh yeah!

Well, we found the house we want to buy...put in the offer and are waiting to hear we just need to get through the inspection on this house. That happens this Thursday. Wish us luck.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Mutual Acceptance

The buyers have agreed to our counter. We just have to get through the inspection now. We go house hunting bright and early tomorrow. Yay! The fun part!

Thursday, August 13, 2009


This time last year I was 6+ months pregnant thinking we would sell the house in no time. Yes go ahead and laugh now. More than a year later we finally have an offer. We have put in a reasonable counter and expect to sign papers this evening, thus making ourselves homeless in less than 2 months. I guess we should start looking for a new house...

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Little of This, Little of That

Just thought I'd touch basis with the blog world. I have not been up to a whole lot so I thought posting might be kinda boring for the two of you that read my blog...But didn't want you to think I fell of the face of the earth either.
So I have been doing a few small crafting projects. While I was on Orcas in July I got a little toy loom and had at it. I made a piece of cloth and folded it and sewed it up to make a little coin purse. On Friday I finally got the zipper put in:
I decided to knit up another fun little mini from Knitty: It's a little jug or vase. About 3 inches tall:
On Monday of last week Andrew came over and we felted some more for me and one for him:
Oh and I have made progress on Jake's socks too:

In other news, we are having a second showing of the house tonight to some folks that looked at it last Tuesday. The agent called me this morning and asked if she could show my house again this evening and said, "It's to the same people, they are very close to making an offer but wanted to see the house one more time." So fingers crossed we might be able to unpack our lives soon!

Monday, August 03, 2009

Itsy Bitsy

Alexis girl, this one's for you:I couldn't get the idea of a knit bikini out of my head after your comment, so I made a littly tiny one, here is a pic for scale with my cell phone as a guage (phone is 3.5 inches on the long side):So that was fun and took about 20 minutes. The other day I decided to do another fun quick project that also took about 20 minutes, I felted some soap. It's a fun way to gussy up the soap and it's like having a built in wash cloth that you can use as a tub cleaner once the soap gets used. This is a great one for kids - everyone can have their very own bar. If anyone wants instructions post in the comments and I'll put a pictoral tutorial together. It's softer than a nylon loofa but still does some exfoliating.