Thursday, October 30, 2008

Uterine Activity (but still pregnant)

Wow that could be a weird band name or something...
So we saw my midwife yesterday and all is well. She examined me and said I am still at a solid 3cm but very 'stretchy' and reiterated that when I go into labor or my water breaks to get myself to the hospital without delay as she thinks I will have a fast dilation/labor.
She also stripped my membranes (which was not painful for my btw - I have heard stories that it is unbearable) and that caused me to have contractions all afternoon/evening and caused the baby to 'pressure me' in the pelvic region. I was very hopeful, but as the evening wore on the contractions got fewer and farther between. Oh well. They do say that it can take up to 3 days for the stripping of the membranes to cause labor if it does in fact contribute at all (no evidence one way or the other, but some studies indicate if the cervix is ripe -and mine is - that it can help move things along). Maybe today I'll take Alexis' suggestion and go for a long walk (as long as I can without pulling my stupid pelvis out of alignment again). I do need to go to Costco and that always feels like I walk miles when I do that.
My midwife also has given me the option of inducing next week and I think I might take her up on it but I am sorely torn. I would like to experience labor on my own this time but I also know she is going on vacation the week I am due and I really want her to be able to deliver me because I trust her. Then again I also know that just because she is in town doesn't mean that she will be the one to deliver me either - it could depend on the time of day and who is on call. So there you have it. I am waiting for her to call me back so I can get some questions answered (can I still try a water birth/what are the risks of the medication etc.) and go from there on making a decision about whether or not to schedule an induction...
My real hope is that I will go into labor on my own and make this a non-issue all together.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I Can't Believe I Did That

So...imagine you have a piece of truely priceless fabric. Then you draw on it and cut it up. That is what I did yesterday. Seriously no amoung of money could replace this fabric. You see Lana, my friend from my knitting group asked me to make a teddy bear out of one of her father's shirts. Her father passed away a few years ago so I am sure you can imagine how much this shirt means to her. I would absolutely never have agreed to do such a thing if I didn't think I could, it's just I have never been so very nervous cutting into a piece of fabric before. Once I made the first cut there was no going back. No do overs. Thankfully I have a really adorable bear that I hope will mean a whole lot to her. Normally I don't put eyes on the bears to keep them infant friendly but I have a couple of butttons off of the shirt that might be the perfect touch to this one and since it's for an adult it's probably fine. I think I'll hold off though until Knit Night and ask her what she would prefer and just sew them on while I'm there. Oh I could do buttons up his front too...And here is the sock progress since I haven't shown that in a while either:

I got my laundry almost done yesterday...all washed and dried, now I just have to put it away (the part I really hate dealing with, but hey, no one else is going to do it).
Yesterday I also got to treat myself to a pedicure wich was really nice...wanted to have pink toenails for delivery (not that anyone, including me, is going to care when the time comes). And I had my gnarly lip hair waxed away too. My lip is still numb this morning, but hey, what can ya do? Those prenatals really get the hair a growin'. The really nice thing about having my lip waxed (there's a nice thing you say?) is that the wax was chocolate scented! I mean I really wanted to eat it it smelled so good. Much better than that well, wax smell.
So onward today I am not planning any chores other than the standard tyding up and cleaning the fish tank but I am sure a few of those will get done. I am going to either finish the bears I have in progress and/or (more likely an OR since there are only so many hours in a nap...and yes I know how lucky I am that my kid still naps for hours at a time instead of quarter hours) start the bear for my real estate agent (two actually since I couldn't decide on a fabric and let her pick her preference). Then I'll take Jake on over to Grandpa's and head to my appt. with the midwife. I have this wonderful fantasy that she is going to tell me I can't go home because I am in labor and don't know it (Haa haa ha hahahahahahhaaaa) Like I said fantasy. It's still two weeks before my due date, I realize going early is less likely than going late but it is my second so the odds are slightly better in my favor. I do however doubt that it will happen today. We shall see. Maybe I can get her to strip my membranes and see if that gets anything going. I would like to try a water birth this time since that was not an option for me the first time around since I was high risk. Then again I might get in the middle of that wonderful place called full blown labor and decide 'screw it, give me the damn epidural already' I really want to try the natural thing (I know it's not going to make a difference in the end but still) and my Hubby thinks I am insane. I agree, I am insane, but I am kinda like a dog with a bone once I get something in my head. This time more than anything I think I am just going to play it by ear and see how things go. I certainly know one way or the other I will be less of a pain in the ass about my demands/wants/wishes for things.
Ok then. that was quite a bit of rambling...on with my day.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Yesterday I feel like I got a lot done... a bunch of laundry, cleaned the kitchen (at least it was clean until after dinner...but I rinsed all of the dishes so it should be fairly easy to get back to square one this morning) and a bunch of other random chores that I won't continue to bore you with. I think I want to do some baking today...I need bread and I think I want to make brownies or something yummy like that. Alexis has inspired me to clean out my fridge and freezer too (don't think I tackle the chest freezer in the garage, but certainly the freezer in the house could at least use a reorganization). I am almost caught up on the laundry too.
I got some spinning done so I am a few yards closer to a pair of socks that I want to make (assuming I acctually have enough roving to get that much yarn out of it...I guess it will depend on they plying) I would have kept going but the drop spindle is hard on my back and arms, so I ccan only do so much in a sitting. I also got some more done on the 2nd sock for my Uncle Rick.
Oh and I got my first paycheck for my bears...I am so excited to have been able to make money doing something I love. I hope it keeps up. So with some of that money (after I put back into our account a little more than what I was fronted for initial costs of course) I bought a little more fabric for a couple more bears. I found some Curious George fabric so I can make a bear for Jacob and some fabric for a bear my real estate agent requested. Hey Alexis - I still have the Sweet Pea bear if you are interested. So I think durning Jacob's nap today, assuming I don't decide to nap too, I'll get moving on the bear I am making for a friend at knitting and possibly start some new ones ('course I have two or three half made that I still need to finish too).
Sooo yeah, my day looks like a few chores, maybe some sewing, definitely some knitting and possibly some baking. Oh, and with any luck labor.

Monday, October 27, 2008

General Bitchiness

I am there. I am at that point. I want to be aggrivated with everyone and everything. That means I am just beginning the 'I'm done being pregnant' stage...Probably another week or two (or god forbid longer) before whatever powers that trigger labor decide they are ready too. My poor boys. Yesterday is when it began. Neither of them did anything to set me off but I wanted to bite Brian's head off and just give Jake to him and walk away so I didn't have to deal (there was nothing really to 'deal' with). I totally restrained myself (the fact that I was able to do that at all means I am not done with this stage yet I am sure) and bit my tounge when I wanted to yell (again for no real offense - just imagined ones).
We watched football most of the day - a Sunday tradition for us from game day 1 until Super Bowl. For some reason I wanted to yell at Brian to "get off your ass and DO something - like the dishes! Can't you see this house is a disaster?!" (it totally was fine). Then later I was in the bedroom folding a basket of towels and Brian came in to talk to me and I just wanted to scream at him "can't you see I'm folding laundry - why the the hell aren't you helping me?!?" (he is not expected to assist me in this particular chore). Again I just kept folding and didn't say anything. I took a warm bath hoping it would relax me - I just got irritated with soap scum on the tub and the peeling caulking, the shower curtain not being clean enough, etc.
I had come out of it somewhat by the time we went to bed but when I woke up to use the bathroom for the umpteenth time last night (around 4ish) I had a hard time sleeping because I couldn't stop thinking about all of the things that I needed to do around the house (do more laundry, unload the dishwasher, basic routine stuff that always needs to be done). I got up and made the bed before I even hit the bathroom...I made a list of shit to do and now I guess I have to do it. Maybe I'll buy some yarn to make myself feel better (oh wait, we're broke, nevermind...and then there is that box full of yarn in my sewing room upstairs).
Ok. Rant over. Thanks for reading if you're still here.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Better Safe Than Sorry

I really hate it when I make myself feel silly but sometimes it just happens. Yesterday I woke up and immediately noticed that Abby was not being very active at all. I am usually woken up by rib or bladder punches. Had my tea (lots of sugar) and no change. Had a hearty breakfast and no change. Decided to to some kick counts...under the recommended number, so I called the midwife's office. Was instructed to drink 2 large glasses of water and do another count. I did and got lots of movement, Yay! However throughout the day her movements decreased and when she did move it was almost as if she was lethargic. So late afternoon I drank more water and counted again. Barely got to the minimum number but got it none-the-less. A couple of hours later I tried again and 'failed' the test. I just felt off besides that so I decided to call back into the midwife (on-call at this point) and they told me that it was probably nothing but to go ahead and come in and they would do a no stress test and listen to her heart tones. So away we went, got to the hospital and admitted yada yada (really glad I didn't have to wait in the ER waiting room - Labor and Delivery come down and get ya when your preggo). As soon as they hook me up to the machine she starts moving like there's no tomorrow (of course). Needless to say they watched for 20 minutes and said all was good and sent us home. Again better safe than sorry - at the very least it was a little peace of mind that let us sleep. I am glad we were able to get home and in bed by 10 because of Brian's exam today.
Oh and we showed the house again on Thursday too! Hoping we might get something of course, but there are no garuntees. The agent said the house showed well, and since we had showings on back to back days I am hoping the market is picking back up. I guess that means I am going to have to start keeping my house clean again...

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hoping for a Sale!

I haven't really posted because not much has been happening around here. Same ol' same ol' everyday things.
Saw the midwife yesterday and she says I am 'very soft' and a 'solid 3cm' so I have made a little progress as far as my getting ready for labor...still nothing eminent and I could stay pregnant for several weeks. Not that I expected it sooner anyway since I am just full term (37 weeks) today. So now is when I can officially say "I could go at any time" I want to wait until after Brian's exam on Saturday though. She'll come when she's ready I suspect.
Yesterday I decided to take Jake over to Grandpa's earlier in the day rather than just before my appt. and I am glad I did because when I got home I got a call from an agent who wanted to show the house...I don't think I would have been able to pick up the clutter with Jake's 'help' since she only gave me 40 minutes notice. But....I think they liked the house and as usual I am going to be cautiously optimistic.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Closer than you think

No major events in the last few days. Wednesday was pretty much a non-eventful day but at least the house was clean.
Thursday I was in a lot of pain from my pelvis being out of alignment again...I mean I had a hard time walking. But I did get a bunch of laundry done (still have more to do but oh well). Took Jake over to his Grandpa and Grammy's and then headed to my physical therapy appointment (boy I needed it that day!). I felt a little better when I was done but not much. Went straight from there to my weekly appt. with Donna, my midwife. As usual she listened for heart tones (sounding good) and feeling for position, etc. The new stuff this week was I get exams now since I am in my last month. She looked up a little surprised and asked if I had Jake early. I said 'no, we induced, why?' She said 'because you are already at 2 to 3 cm dialated. I don't think we'll need to induce this one and I don't think she'll be too big.' So hopefully that means I will not have to wait until my due date, however I do realize I could walk around dialated this much for weeks too without further progress...we'll see. I would like to stay pregnant at least until I can finish getting my crap together to get ready for the baby (just need to put the carseat in, wash her clothes and get a few diapers). I liked the convienence of the induction last time because everything was nice and scheduled, but I would also like to know what it's like to go into labour on my own and see if a non-induced labour really is less painful than an induced one as I have heard from so many people. All in all I am encouraged because I wasn't expecting to hear that I have made as much progress as may just be closer to done cooking than I think.
From there Brian and I went and took a tour of the labour and delivery floor of the hospital - just as a bit of a refresher so we could be familiar with our surroundings when the time comes. Then we went and had dinner at the hospital cafeteria (pretty darned good food actually). Got home and relaxed for a while before the Grandparents brought Jake home...already we got to play for a little, then jammies and bed...It was kindof nice and I really needed it since by the time I went to bed I could barely stand on my own from the pelvic pain.
Friday I woke up with the pain mostly gone but still sore (oh and I got a flu shot too, so my arm was nice and sore biggy but when your ribs are pushed out, your lungs up, your bladder down and your kidneys back any little added discomfort can really be compounded). Took it easy most of the day and went to Knitting at the yarn shop and really got to unwind. Today I have to clean my house because my mom is coming down (she doesn't care, but I do) for the baby shower my mother in law is throwing for me tomorrow.
Oh, and I finished the first sock in the pair of socks I am making for my Uncle for Christmas. I'll post a pic later.

Oh and I have decided that the Halloween bears I have made are for sale too so if you want, let me know...I have the spider web one pictured below and another one in the works (dark blue with jack-o-lanterns, witch hats, etc. on the fabric).

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Feast or Famine

Things seem to come in 'clumps' for me. Good and bad. Yesterday was mostly trying rather than bad per-say but it was what it was.

First was our visit to the pediatrician to get our friend the pea out of someone's nose. We get there and get the news that he is due for shots too. I was pretty sure I had him all caught up on his shots at the last visit and if not how come I didn't get a phone call so I could stay on top of this kinda thing? Anyway...after weighing in etc, it took me and 2 nurses to hold the boy down while the RN tried to fish the damn pea out. She couldn't get it but during the process I mentioned that I had tried with a bulb syringe at home and one of the 'holder' nurses said 'oh, lets try that, I am really good with those.' She tried a couple of times and never produced said pea, but during that process Jake had a bit of a gagging, swallowing episode and we think he swallowed the darned thing. Either way we couldn't find it anymore so we just get to watch and wait and make sure he doesn't develop a cough or 'icky snot' that my show the damn thing moved into his sinus. So he was pretty pissed at this point. First he had been screaming 'MOMMY DOWN!!' then he moved onto telling the nurses 'Bye bye' wanting them to go away. He got calmed down enough to be breathing normally when she came in with the shots. So that set him off again. He was doing better by the time we got dressed and out the door (Thank God for the Gerber Graduates yogurt drop samples they had at check out...they made a wonderful 'treat' and really helped calm him down). We went and saw Daddy at work because Jake was upset with Mommy and really needed Daddy for a while...I really love that Brian works so close to home I am going to miss that when we move (someday).

We got home long enough for a diaper change, midmorning snack and for me to pay the bills (it's sooooo much fun watching my bank account go from 3 grand to 120 bucks in the span of 10 minutes). Just had to make sure we'd have enough in the account to pay for an inspection of our van...oh yeah the steering has been binding up on me...not exactly the safest thing so we HAD to get it taken care of. The guy asked if I wanted a shuttle service home or if I wanted to wait...I figured it couldn't take them all that long to LOOK at the damn thing...needless to say we waited for 2 stinking hours before they told us what the problem was...I would have been fine getting it over the phone, I just wish the guy had realized that I had a toddler with me and had told me it could potentially take that long (I miss my damn Toyota...The only service the damn thing EVER needed was oil changes, tire rotations and on one occasion, a new windshield). The fix is going to cost us about 1100 bucks. Joy. Not exactly what we need at a time when we are going to be dropping a crapload of money to pay for labor and delivery sometime in the next (God willing) 4 weeks. We got a shuttle ride home and got some lunch (poor kid had to wait that long but he did really well and they did provide cookies in the waiting room, so that helped even if they aren't exactly nutritious). By the time he went down for his nap it was 3:00 (he usually naps around 11 or 12 at the latest).

I had time to sit down for 1/2 hour before dinner had to go in the oven and I figured since I was up I may as well tidy the living room and kitchen, etc. Brian got home and we chatted while we puttered around the kitchen together when we got a phone call from an agent wanting to show the house (YAY!) we hadn't shown the house in 7 weeks and so my standard of cleanliness has been on a slow decline (well not my standard, but just giving a damn really since no one has been coming anyway)...The big surprise was that they wanted to see the house in 20 minutes!!!! I specifically ask for a minimum of 1hrs notice but I wasn't going to give up the chance to show my house so (thank God again) Brian was home to help me. I can't believe how clean we got the house in 20 minutes (not really dirty, but the clutter piles up ya know...) Now don't get me wrong, we were just shoving shit in drawers and closets, but in the end the basic need was met. Since we couldn't really go anywhere because the van wasn't here (3 of us don't fit so well in Brian's pickup) we just sat on the tailgate while they toured the house. I am really glad I was cooking dinner because our house smelled like turkey and not cat hair (and thankfully not a combination of the two cuz that would have been really bad). Anyway I guess overall showing the house was on the good side of things rather than bad but It meant I didn't get to sit down when I should have yesterday evening. Let's just hope they want to buy our house now.

Hopefully today will be less eventfull (except of course for that couple who saw our house yesterday, I want them to decide they really like it...I can take action if it means selling the house).

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Knitterly Pride

I am training my son well. He might just knit someday. Men who knit are cool, not gay, just for the record. I have no problem with gay either, but I am just saying just because a guy knits does not mean he is gay.

Anyway Jacob has decided that all stick shaped things are knitting needles and I think that is just adorable. It started when I was knitting the sweater for Abby (4weeks 4days until my due date for those counting), he wanted to help I set him up with a circular needle and a finished sweater he could poke at. Next came a couple of single needle and a ball of scrap yarn that he could poke at while saying 'knit, knit, knit...' A couple of days ago we aquired a couple of sets of those take out chop sticks and those are his official needles now since they are too dull to do too much damage to himself or the household pets (he still must be sitting if he wants to 'knit') Yesterday on our way from the house to the car he spotted a largish twig on the ground and bent over to pick it up, saying 'knit.' So cute...Here is his current WIP (work in progress). I keep asking him what he is knitting but he wants to keep it a surprise apparently. He answers with something that sounds like 'bubble' but it could be pillow, or football or airplane as those words all sound the same at this point.

In other news here are Da Bears...the first 2 are for sale btw and I am happy to make them custom for anyone interested. Hit me in the comments if you are.
This first guy has an American pride theme:

This little one is a Sweet Pea:Football theme:
Fall/Halloween theme:In other childrearing news...Yesterday was a banner day for Jacob here. First he colored on the walls for the first time. I might actually take a pic before I clean it up just for him to have someday. I didn't catch him in the act so I couldn't effectively scold and redirect, but I did show him we only draw on paper. He's not even 2, I am rather sure I will have more wall washing in my future.
And the crowning moment was as we were finishing dinner I saw him with his finger up his nose...I took a closer look...there was a green pea in his nostril...rather easily I flicked it out with my little finger...only to see another up there...too far to reach well. Sooo I did what the pediatrician reccomended at our last visit (I asked because I was seeing the signs that Jake was heading in this direction)...plug unclogged nostril and blow into his mouth. It was very effective. The offending pea shot right out. but...(there's always a but) there was a THIRD pea in there. I implemented plug and blow again. I got a yummy snotty pea stuck to my cheek for the effort but at least it wasn't still up his nose. The FOURTH one is however still there. Can't reach it, plug and blow doesn't work as it is not blocking enough airflow and bulb syringe is likewise not working. So joy. I called his doc and they said its not really anything to worry about for now. I'll take him in tomorrow to have them pull it out. Mother you may laugh now, but remember that I was not the child of yours that stuck crap in my nose or ears...Karma should wait for Nathan to have kids for this one...(Brian never did it either so there).
Sock pictures another day, I have to go scrub a wall...

Sunday, October 05, 2008

New Toys

My Hubby really loves me...
Yesterday we went out and made a bit of an impulse buy but so far I think we are both pretty happy about it...I am sitting here posting from our new Laptop... :)
We also got a second City of Heroes account so we can game together...Yay!
This means we are done with our Christmas shopping for each other too...(yeah I know it's only October and I am a firm hater of all of the Holiday crap that is out before November but we are trying to get all of our Christmas shopping done before the baby shows up).
So, good times!

There has been progress on the socks, and I have decided to rip back the lace I started and use a different pattern. I will however need to get a new set of needles because I almost unbelievably don't have the size I need.

Ok...gonna watch football...Go Hawks!