Saturday, October 25, 2008

Better Safe Than Sorry

I really hate it when I make myself feel silly but sometimes it just happens. Yesterday I woke up and immediately noticed that Abby was not being very active at all. I am usually woken up by rib or bladder punches. Had my tea (lots of sugar) and no change. Had a hearty breakfast and no change. Decided to to some kick counts...under the recommended number, so I called the midwife's office. Was instructed to drink 2 large glasses of water and do another count. I did and got lots of movement, Yay! However throughout the day her movements decreased and when she did move it was almost as if she was lethargic. So late afternoon I drank more water and counted again. Barely got to the minimum number but got it none-the-less. A couple of hours later I tried again and 'failed' the test. I just felt off besides that so I decided to call back into the midwife (on-call at this point) and they told me that it was probably nothing but to go ahead and come in and they would do a no stress test and listen to her heart tones. So away we went, got to the hospital and admitted yada yada (really glad I didn't have to wait in the ER waiting room - Labor and Delivery come down and get ya when your preggo). As soon as they hook me up to the machine she starts moving like there's no tomorrow (of course). Needless to say they watched for 20 minutes and said all was good and sent us home. Again better safe than sorry - at the very least it was a little peace of mind that let us sleep. I am glad we were able to get home and in bed by 10 because of Brian's exam today.
Oh and we showed the house again on Thursday too! Hoping we might get something of course, but there are no garuntees. The agent said the house showed well, and since we had showings on back to back days I am hoping the market is picking back up. I guess that means I am going to have to start keeping my house clean again...


Alexis said...

OMG you made my heart skip a beat when I first started reading the post! I'm so HAPPY to hear she's just getting ready for her prince duties and giving you a hard time.

Hang in there girl and I wanted to say TY for the comments I really appreciate it. It's so nice to have a sounding board and then to get feedback is even better!

Fingers still crossed for the house, with the election soon I'm sure we're in for a big change in the wave of how things are going!

Give Bri my best for his test.

Hugs, Lex ;)

jeanius said...

ood luck with the house

I am so glad that baby decided to wait a little longer before making her entrance! We missed you at Lambs Ear last night, I was a little worried ... See ya soon!

Rachael said...

Thanks ladies! all is well and she's been moving normally ever since the NST. I'll be sure to let ya'll know when she shows up :)