Saturday, October 18, 2008

Closer than you think

No major events in the last few days. Wednesday was pretty much a non-eventful day but at least the house was clean.
Thursday I was in a lot of pain from my pelvis being out of alignment again...I mean I had a hard time walking. But I did get a bunch of laundry done (still have more to do but oh well). Took Jake over to his Grandpa and Grammy's and then headed to my physical therapy appointment (boy I needed it that day!). I felt a little better when I was done but not much. Went straight from there to my weekly appt. with Donna, my midwife. As usual she listened for heart tones (sounding good) and feeling for position, etc. The new stuff this week was I get exams now since I am in my last month. She looked up a little surprised and asked if I had Jake early. I said 'no, we induced, why?' She said 'because you are already at 2 to 3 cm dialated. I don't think we'll need to induce this one and I don't think she'll be too big.' So hopefully that means I will not have to wait until my due date, however I do realize I could walk around dialated this much for weeks too without further progress...we'll see. I would like to stay pregnant at least until I can finish getting my crap together to get ready for the baby (just need to put the carseat in, wash her clothes and get a few diapers). I liked the convienence of the induction last time because everything was nice and scheduled, but I would also like to know what it's like to go into labour on my own and see if a non-induced labour really is less painful than an induced one as I have heard from so many people. All in all I am encouraged because I wasn't expecting to hear that I have made as much progress as may just be closer to done cooking than I think.
From there Brian and I went and took a tour of the labour and delivery floor of the hospital - just as a bit of a refresher so we could be familiar with our surroundings when the time comes. Then we went and had dinner at the hospital cafeteria (pretty darned good food actually). Got home and relaxed for a while before the Grandparents brought Jake home...already we got to play for a little, then jammies and bed...It was kindof nice and I really needed it since by the time I went to bed I could barely stand on my own from the pelvic pain.
Friday I woke up with the pain mostly gone but still sore (oh and I got a flu shot too, so my arm was nice and sore biggy but when your ribs are pushed out, your lungs up, your bladder down and your kidneys back any little added discomfort can really be compounded). Took it easy most of the day and went to Knitting at the yarn shop and really got to unwind. Today I have to clean my house because my mom is coming down (she doesn't care, but I do) for the baby shower my mother in law is throwing for me tomorrow.
Oh, and I finished the first sock in the pair of socks I am making for my Uncle for Christmas. I'll post a pic later.

Oh and I have decided that the Halloween bears I have made are for sale too so if you want, let me know...I have the spider web one pictured below and another one in the works (dark blue with jack-o-lanterns, witch hats, etc. on the fabric).

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Alexis said...

Wow girl your life is just as busy as mine, hope the pain goes away soon. Which I know is just words until the baby comes, but I'm thinking about you ;). You so need to get a cleaner like me once a week for $10 an hour 2 hours and you'll feel oh so much better. Nothing is better then someone else on their hands and knee's cleaning the floors.

Hope you get lots of needed stuff at your shower! Can't wait to see pictures, hey you have a laptop now it should be easy :).

Talk to you soon, take it easy fingers crossed she comes soon!