Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hoping for a Sale!

I haven't really posted because not much has been happening around here. Same ol' same ol' everyday things.
Saw the midwife yesterday and she says I am 'very soft' and a 'solid 3cm' so I have made a little progress as far as my getting ready for labor...still nothing eminent and I could stay pregnant for several weeks. Not that I expected it sooner anyway since I am just full term (37 weeks) today. So now is when I can officially say "I could go at any time" I want to wait until after Brian's exam on Saturday though. She'll come when she's ready I suspect.
Yesterday I decided to take Jake over to Grandpa's earlier in the day rather than just before my appt. and I am glad I did because when I got home I got a call from an agent who wanted to show the house...I don't think I would have been able to pick up the clutter with Jake's 'help' since she only gave me 40 minutes notice. But....I think they liked the house and as usual I am going to be cautiously optimistic.


Alexis said...

Yeah Bri said the people sounded like they liked it! Fingers crossed for you all.

Don't you love the any day now speach you have to tell people know. Then they look at you like your about to pop on them! Yup don't miss those days!

You could do like I did and go for a 3 mile walk and send yourself into labor early ... LOL. Oh how the docs love when you do that. But hey they're not the ones feeling like a house!

Rachael said...

No kidding! I think I'm soon as Brian gets thru his exam I'll be ready for sure. I don't think I could walk 3 miles if I wanted too (hips like to pop out of socket) but I might try a walk. We'll see.