Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Yesterday I feel like I got a lot done... a bunch of laundry, cleaned the kitchen (at least it was clean until after dinner...but I rinsed all of the dishes so it should be fairly easy to get back to square one this morning) and a bunch of other random chores that I won't continue to bore you with. I think I want to do some baking today...I need bread and I think I want to make brownies or something yummy like that. Alexis has inspired me to clean out my fridge and freezer too (don't think I tackle the chest freezer in the garage, but certainly the freezer in the house could at least use a reorganization). I am almost caught up on the laundry too.
I got some spinning done so I am a few yards closer to a pair of socks that I want to make (assuming I acctually have enough roving to get that much yarn out of it...I guess it will depend on they plying) I would have kept going but the drop spindle is hard on my back and arms, so I ccan only do so much in a sitting. I also got some more done on the 2nd sock for my Uncle Rick.
Oh and I got my first paycheck for my bears...I am so excited to have been able to make money doing something I love. I hope it keeps up. So with some of that money (after I put back into our account a little more than what I was fronted for initial costs of course) I bought a little more fabric for a couple more bears. I found some Curious George fabric so I can make a bear for Jacob and some fabric for a bear my real estate agent requested. Hey Alexis - I still have the Sweet Pea bear if you are interested. So I think durning Jacob's nap today, assuming I don't decide to nap too, I'll get moving on the bear I am making for a friend at knitting and possibly start some new ones ('course I have two or three half made that I still need to finish too).
Sooo yeah, my day looks like a few chores, maybe some sewing, definitely some knitting and possibly some baking. Oh, and with any luck labor.


Alexis said...

I was starting a little early for you. LOL not that you could tell now since my dinning room floor is littered with pumpkin guts and seeds. Yup back to the old drawing board!

Oh yes, I forgot to ask how much are the bears? I so love that one, after payday of course ;).

At least when you put money in for your work it gives you postive I think the more I put in the less we have, would have thunk it?

Rachael said...

Some days it feels like that doesn't it?
I usually charge 20 for the bears but I know how strapped you guys are so I'd take 10 from ya...Or you could buy me a cup of coffee or something (provided you come with me...what time do you take lunch)?

Alexis said...

Nope I pay full price! You deserve it for your hardwork. Lunch sounds great, I usually don't get one and this past month I've been having to pick Cole up from School and take him to daycare since we're on a Time out from school daycare. Yeah this is the last week, Monday he gets to go back full time! I'm SUPER excited!

Next week unless your otherwise preoccupied :). 11:30ish? It's after payday too ... LOL