Sunday, October 12, 2008

Knitterly Pride

I am training my son well. He might just knit someday. Men who knit are cool, not gay, just for the record. I have no problem with gay either, but I am just saying just because a guy knits does not mean he is gay.

Anyway Jacob has decided that all stick shaped things are knitting needles and I think that is just adorable. It started when I was knitting the sweater for Abby (4weeks 4days until my due date for those counting), he wanted to help I set him up with a circular needle and a finished sweater he could poke at. Next came a couple of single needle and a ball of scrap yarn that he could poke at while saying 'knit, knit, knit...' A couple of days ago we aquired a couple of sets of those take out chop sticks and those are his official needles now since they are too dull to do too much damage to himself or the household pets (he still must be sitting if he wants to 'knit') Yesterday on our way from the house to the car he spotted a largish twig on the ground and bent over to pick it up, saying 'knit.' So cute...Here is his current WIP (work in progress). I keep asking him what he is knitting but he wants to keep it a surprise apparently. He answers with something that sounds like 'bubble' but it could be pillow, or football or airplane as those words all sound the same at this point.

In other news here are Da Bears...the first 2 are for sale btw and I am happy to make them custom for anyone interested. Hit me in the comments if you are.
This first guy has an American pride theme:

This little one is a Sweet Pea:Football theme:
Fall/Halloween theme:In other childrearing news...Yesterday was a banner day for Jacob here. First he colored on the walls for the first time. I might actually take a pic before I clean it up just for him to have someday. I didn't catch him in the act so I couldn't effectively scold and redirect, but I did show him we only draw on paper. He's not even 2, I am rather sure I will have more wall washing in my future.
And the crowning moment was as we were finishing dinner I saw him with his finger up his nose...I took a closer look...there was a green pea in his nostril...rather easily I flicked it out with my little finger...only to see another up there...too far to reach well. Sooo I did what the pediatrician reccomended at our last visit (I asked because I was seeing the signs that Jake was heading in this direction)...plug unclogged nostril and blow into his mouth. It was very effective. The offending pea shot right out. but...(there's always a but) there was a THIRD pea in there. I implemented plug and blow again. I got a yummy snotty pea stuck to my cheek for the effort but at least it wasn't still up his nose. The FOURTH one is however still there. Can't reach it, plug and blow doesn't work as it is not blocking enough airflow and bulb syringe is likewise not working. So joy. I called his doc and they said its not really anything to worry about for now. I'll take him in tomorrow to have them pull it out. Mother you may laugh now, but remember that I was not the child of yours that stuck crap in my nose or ears...Karma should wait for Nathan to have kids for this one...(Brian never did it either so there).
Sock pictures another day, I have to go scrub a wall...


Alexis said...

OMG that is so cute and I think it's amazing to teach anyone how to knit. And hey Brian isn't gay even if he's so my project runway guru. LOL! Love all the pics and especially the sweetpea one, that is what my dad calls me. I may have to buy one! Thanks for the pictures, but I'm very sad you didn't capture the wall art :)

Alexis said...

P.S. 4 peas??? How the heck did he fit 4 up there! I'm so dissappointed no picture of the snotty pea on you check. Brian where were you with the camera?

Rachael said...

Yeah well, Brian was busy rolling on the floor laughing trying not to piss himself. It was funny until we couldn't get the 4th one out.
Wall art pics to come...