Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I Can't Believe I Did That

So...imagine you have a piece of truely priceless fabric. Then you draw on it and cut it up. That is what I did yesterday. Seriously no amoung of money could replace this fabric. You see Lana, my friend from my knitting group asked me to make a teddy bear out of one of her father's shirts. Her father passed away a few years ago so I am sure you can imagine how much this shirt means to her. I would absolutely never have agreed to do such a thing if I didn't think I could, it's just I have never been so very nervous cutting into a piece of fabric before. Once I made the first cut there was no going back. No do overs. Thankfully I have a really adorable bear that I hope will mean a whole lot to her. Normally I don't put eyes on the bears to keep them infant friendly but I have a couple of butttons off of the shirt that might be the perfect touch to this one and since it's for an adult it's probably fine. I think I'll hold off though until Knit Night and ask her what she would prefer and just sew them on while I'm there. Oh I could do buttons up his front too...And here is the sock progress since I haven't shown that in a while either:

I got my laundry almost done yesterday...all washed and dried, now I just have to put it away (the part I really hate dealing with, but hey, no one else is going to do it).
Yesterday I also got to treat myself to a pedicure wich was really nice...wanted to have pink toenails for delivery (not that anyone, including me, is going to care when the time comes). And I had my gnarly lip hair waxed away too. My lip is still numb this morning, but hey, what can ya do? Those prenatals really get the hair a growin'. The really nice thing about having my lip waxed (there's a nice thing you say?) is that the wax was chocolate scented! I mean I really wanted to eat it it smelled so good. Much better than that well, wax smell.
So onward today I am not planning any chores other than the standard tyding up and cleaning the fish tank but I am sure a few of those will get done. I am going to either finish the bears I have in progress and/or (more likely an OR since there are only so many hours in a nap...and yes I know how lucky I am that my kid still naps for hours at a time instead of quarter hours) start the bear for my real estate agent (two actually since I couldn't decide on a fabric and let her pick her preference). Then I'll take Jake on over to Grandpa's and head to my appt. with the midwife. I have this wonderful fantasy that she is going to tell me I can't go home because I am in labor and don't know it (Haa haa ha hahahahahahhaaaa) Like I said fantasy. It's still two weeks before my due date, I realize going early is less likely than going late but it is my second so the odds are slightly better in my favor. I do however doubt that it will happen today. We shall see. Maybe I can get her to strip my membranes and see if that gets anything going. I would like to try a water birth this time since that was not an option for me the first time around since I was high risk. Then again I might get in the middle of that wonderful place called full blown labor and decide 'screw it, give me the damn epidural already' I really want to try the natural thing (I know it's not going to make a difference in the end but still) and my Hubby thinks I am insane. I agree, I am insane, but I am kinda like a dog with a bone once I get something in my head. This time more than anything I think I am just going to play it by ear and see how things go. I certainly know one way or the other I will be less of a pain in the ass about my demands/wants/wishes for things.
Ok then. that was quite a bit of rambling...on with my day.


Alexis said...

OMG I love that bear I don't know how you did it I would have been FREAKED cutting up that shirt, but you did an amazing job! I love the button eye idea and the buttons down the front would be so cool!

Sounds like you've been keeping so busy keeping up the house! I still say take a long walk up hills and you so can get you into labor!

I so agree with the pedi before labor I did it both times, hey you have to look at your toes when they keep pushing you forward and there up there in the air get to have a little pretty going on! And waxing always helps, ooops I mean the lip ... LOL. Chocolate flavor that is so not nice that would just make me hungry!

I agree about I think your crazy too! Natural, yup tried that for um let me think 2 minutes before I was bring in that needle NOW! Loves!

Rachael said...

Yuppers I made it 9 1/2 hours without pain meds the first time and my midwife suggested that I get the epidural because she was seriously concerned I would be too tired when it came time to push (she's right, I would have been). We'll see how I do this time. I hope my labor doesn't even last that long this time but there are no gaurantees in this process.

Alexis said...

Yup I so am not that good with pain, I give it to you girl! Fingers crossed it goes super quick this time around! Can't wait to see that sweet little girl. Have fun today don't go crazy cleaning!

jeanius said...

the bear is beautiful!

I had a pedi before I delivered too (HOT pink lol) All the nurses complimented me on it and joked with me about it. I figured, even if I couldn't do them myself, at least they could still be pretty ;)

I hope your labour goes the way you want it too!

L J said...

Rachel, I should have told you that I do have other shirts of my fathers. (that one is just my fav) :-) Didn't mean to cause you stress with the scissors. I love my bear! And I think that no eyes is a good decision in case one of the grand kids gets ahold of him.
Thanks again!