Thursday, March 08, 2007

Surgery really sucks, but the nurses are great!

Well here is the scoop on the most recent drama...A few weeks ago Jake started puking - at first it was only once or twice a day but it gradually started to escalate until he was not keeping anything at all down. We took him to see the peditrician on Monday, Feburary 19 and they were going to have us go do an ultrasound asap the next day to check for a condition called Pyloric Stenosis (the pyloric valve at the bottom of the stomach becomes overdeveloped and doesn't open anymore to let food pass into the small intestine). By 4am the next morning we decided not to wait any longer so we took him to the ER at Mary Bridge - we knew that no matter what his conditon was he was starting to get dehydrated and we needed to deal with that ASAP. They got us in and we had the Ultrasound at about 7:30am. Within a short time it was determined that Jake indeed had Pyloric Stenosis and would need surgery VERY soon. The surgeon told us that they had an available O.R. at 4pm. Jake was given an IV and admitted - we got a room and the poor kid got an N.G. tube put in - he really hated that (and so did mom and dad). Because we caught the dehydration issue so quickly Jake did not have to undergo the 24hrs of rehydration before surgey and by 2:30pm his was in the O.R. It was very nerve racking for Mom and Dad but Jake did great and by the next day he was back to his usual good humored self. He did a wonderful job of eating properly and keeping everything down after the surgery so we were able to go home that evening (around 10pm). Oh and the nurses took such wonderful care of everything - I don't know what we would have done without them. Yay for nurses - they are the best!

Jake is 2 Months old today - here are a few pics:

Our favorite face to make: the half smile :)

Adorable, even in our hospital gown:
An hommage to Stewie: Victory is mine!