Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tub O Yarn

Things I've learned from this little adventure:
I have a lot of yarn
I have room for more yarn
That is not all of my yarn
In a pinch I can use one of our two tubs for yarn storage and have tons of room for more
Wool is cozy warm
My husband has a great sense of humor and I am glad he indulges me on occasion.

Yes, that is yarn in the wine glass.
Am I in my birthday suit? I'll never tell.
The scary thing is, that is only yarn, it doesn't even begin to touch my unspun fiber stash.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Computers and Socks

My computer decided to be a brat for a while there during which I could either have A)internet connectivity or B)color. After several fix attempts including trying several restore points and preparing to completely wipe the hard drive, my darling husband fixed the stupid thing by wiping only my windows profile and creating a new one. Very little was lost in the process and all pics were backed up thank goodness. But it works again!

In other news Sock Wars V is in full swing and I am on my way! This particular pattern is a bit slow going but I am loving how it looks. Here is my progress thus far:

Friday, January 08, 2010

Teaching a new knitter

On Wednesday my friend Andrew and his son Eldon came over to hang out and help me do a few things around the house (Thank you Andrew!) since I have been avoiding breaking down all of my cardboard boxes for some time (there were a lot both from the move and Christmas). Anyway Eldon in the past has expressed and intrest in both spinning and knitting. I have sat with him at the wheel before and we made him some yarn that we dyed with kool aid. He was pretty jazzed about it. I have no idea if he still has it or not, 5 year olds are kinda funny like that.
Anyway when they were over he wanted to spin and knit. I was not prepared to get out the wheel and my spindle making tools are sorta buried right now. Sooo knitting it was. After much debate on what to knit (hat, scarf, or washcloth) he decided on a washcloth. So I dug out some cotton and some size six straights.

He promised me that he would sit and listen (difficult for him to do - he is a very high energy 5 year old) and he promised me that if he got frustrated he would not just have a fit and decide he didn't want to do it anymore but ask for help (also difficult for a 5 year old to do).

We sat down and I cast on 25 stitches for him. He watched and thought that was pretty cool. Then I knit the first row for him and on Every. Single. Stitch. had him watch and listen to what I was doing. I couldn't remember exactly how the knitting rhyme goes so I improvised and taught him:
In through the front door,
Around the back,
In through the window,
Off jumps Jack.

About halfway through the stitches I had him recite the poem as I formed the stitches (and wouldn't do that part of the stitch until he told me that part of the rhyme).

After I finished the first row we knit the second row together (both of our hands on the needles, my hands over his for guidance, but not for control, just to keep stitches from falling off the needles and helping remember wich way to wrap the yarn around the needle).

That row was really tight so I knit the next row for him to save on a bit of frustration (trying to knit through too tight stitches can be a major pain even when you are familiar with how to knit).

The 4th row I knit the first stitch and he was on his own from there. He did a fabulous job and got through about 3/4 of the row before he was overtired and having some growing pains in his knees so focus was really out of the picture at that point.

I am still amazed that he sat there all by himself and only asked for help twice (putting stitches back on the needle). I have never seen Eldon so still and focused for so long with something that was not on the television.

Here is the little man in action - I don't think he even knew he had his picture taken:

Thursday, January 07, 2010

What I got goin' on


Scarf in linen stitch from my handspun.
Lace shawl.

Simplicity socks.
and of course the new obsession.

Spinning:On the wheel some nice roving that will become some nifty color shifting socks

On the spindles I have:

some pinkish/lavenderish silk
Some merino/silk
and some more merino/silk
Toddler Stuff:Abby's newest words: Uh-oh. Thank You. (bringing her total vocabulary to about 3 words besides momma, dada, and Jacob) The other word is Down.
Jacob's newest words: Fabulous. Shit (only once. Mom's fault). Delicious. Impossible. Dork Fish (repeatedly. Dad's fault). Tool (not the hammer kind. also Dad's fault). Adorable (looking at pictures of when we brought Abby home). Startled. Privacy. Herbivore. Pteranodon. Tyrannosaurus.
Which leads me to his imagination. I had dinner with a Pteranodon, a Tyrannosaurus, a dog, a duck, a cat, a bear, an owl and a goose all in one sitting and at one point I was a Pteranadon and a bear.

Not so much into the resolution thing but there are a few things I would like to do this year and see no reason not to.
1. I would like to finish a few quilts I have in the works
2. I would like to finish a few bears I have in the works. Maybe make a few more.
3. I would like to get to a farmers market and sell a few things.
4. I would like to get my tummy into shape. I am by no means overweight but I have a bit of a belly from having the kids and it bothers me so I am going to try to fix it.
5. I would like to train myself to keep up with the housework so that I am free to do things like spin and quilt and knit without either a: feeling guilty or b: doing 2 hours of housework first. You'd think I'd have figured out by now that wishing for it won't make the laundry and dishes done and ignoring it won't make it go away.
6. I would like to try to be more social. I need to get out and make it to knitting on Fridays and spinning once a month. Not that hard, I just need to DO it. Besides getting out more will probably improve my mental health too.

Next up: teaching a new knitter.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

And We're Back

So yes, I did get my laundry mostly done, thanks for asking. Did it without starting a bunny.
Got the living room cleaned too, and I have made progress in the kitchen as well as the library/dining room...
Until. Well, until my son wouldn't nap. So I got him up and brought him downstairs to play. He then informed me 'my have a bead in my nose.' Shit. We've been down this road before. It costs about 400 bucks.
I got a flashlight to check it out and sure enough itwas way up there. Tried the 'plug and blow' that had been reccommended by our pediatrician (with your finger plug the unobstructed nostril, cover mouth with yours and blow hopefully disloging offending item). This worked great when he had the peas up his nose but if you try it be prepare for snot on your face and possibly vomiting if you get air in the stomach (if they are big enough you can have them take a full breath and hold it - that seemed to help).
After 3 blows no dice. well shit. now what, the damn thing won't decompose so it HAS to come out.
I go and grab the tweezers and the bulb syringe. Until now Jake was very cooperative but now he didn't want to have anything to do with me getting the bead out.
It was kicking and screaming all the way but after a couple of failed attempts with the bulb syringe and knowing that it was too dangerous to try the tweezers (squirmy fighting fitting toddler who has not hada nap) we just went back to the plug and blow and it came (flying) out. Thank God the darned thing was in there sideways because otherwise theis wouldn't have worked. The bead is like a donut with large hole in the center that air would have just passed right through and not pushed it from behind.

Now I have two overtired toddlers that are whining and screaming...Is it bedtime yet? Oh I guess I need to make them dinner first.
I wasn't going to start another bunny, but I need something to take the edge off...

Meet My New Obsession

Sooo here they are...the little objects of my attention.
Ginger and Mary (twins) Hey look - Mary is waving at you!

Please excuse the messy counter in the backround...mostly groceries that need to be put away, some lace knitting and, well, nevermind just forget about the mess and imagine a professional backround.
At first I though, I'll make one every day for the entire year! then I realized I wouldn't be able to knit anything else so I have settled on one a week for the year. So far I have January's lot done and this way I am ahead for now...wich is good since I will need all of my knitting time for Sock Wars very soon.
As I was making the last one up (Bruno is the new kid) I thought, Ok, I'm over it, I'm sick of them now. But this morning I am finding myself thinking, just one more...
The largest ones are 5 inches long (from tip of nose to end of fluffy tail). Bruno is the smallest at 3inches and he was a little too fussy to sew up so I think when I do more out of sock yarn I'll hole 2 strands together lest I go nuts and my eyesight craps out on me.
I am off to do laundry...mabye I'll start another bunny. I don't know yet.

Monday, January 04, 2010

Knitting for the New Year.

See when it comes to knitting and crafting things I kinda go on these obsessive binges...like I love the little keychain socks - I have made 8 or so and I am still not sick of them. Those are small and fast probably won't tire of them. There was the time that I made 4 baby sweaters in a row. I am on a sock kick too. There are my sewn teddy bears (still making them but slowed way down on those) and the snakes too. Oh and the name pillows. Love those.
Anyway I have a new obsession. I'll share it with ya'll when I get some pics taken. Maybe today, we'll see.

Friday, January 01, 2010


So we are home from Orcas and starting to get a handle on things. I finished the Christmas socks with and hour to spare...think I have some pics somewhere...I'll post those later.
The kids made out like bandits and we probably spent 2-3x more than we needed to. I got a ton of spinning fiber and some yarn and some new spinning/knitting books.
Got the tree taken down last night and all of the needles vacuumed up. Now I just need to take down the outside lights and I can put away Christmas until next - I mean this year! Yikes Welcome to 2010. Hope it's a wonderful year.
I think I'll go and do my dishes so I can start the year off with a respectably clean house.