Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Meet My New Obsession

Sooo here they are...the little objects of my attention.
Ginger and Mary (twins) Hey look - Mary is waving at you!

Please excuse the messy counter in the backround...mostly groceries that need to be put away, some lace knitting and, well, nevermind just forget about the mess and imagine a professional backround.
At first I though, I'll make one every day for the entire year! then I realized I wouldn't be able to knit anything else so I have settled on one a week for the year. So far I have January's lot done and this way I am ahead for now...wich is good since I will need all of my knitting time for Sock Wars very soon.
As I was making the last one up (Bruno is the new kid) I thought, Ok, I'm over it, I'm sick of them now. But this morning I am finding myself thinking, just one more...
The largest ones are 5 inches long (from tip of nose to end of fluffy tail). Bruno is the smallest at 3inches and he was a little too fussy to sew up so I think when I do more out of sock yarn I'll hole 2 strands together lest I go nuts and my eyesight craps out on me.
I am off to do laundry...mabye I'll start another bunny. I don't know yet.

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Alexis AKA MOM said...

OMGOSH I so want one ... LOL no clue what I'd do with it. But how freaking cute is that!!!! Are you going to sale them? Is that why you during them for a year? Or just something fun to do?