Sunday, January 04, 2009


Just posting to let both of you who read this know I am still Alexis my camera is not broken but I have many photo's to sift through before I post them.

Abby had her first Christmas. She enjoyed it thoroughly as she slept rather soundly. Jake enjoyed it more since he got to open all of her presents for her and didn't care that he couldn't play with fact he still keeps trying to give Abby her toys to play with. It's kinda cute.

I got the mother of all gifts this year - a spinning wheel. To some that might be boring and not fun at all but I am in hog heaven. In fact I just finished my first hank of yarn. It is hanging over the tub right now. I'll show pictures soon.

Jake's 'big' present this year was a trike from Santa and he loves it. He is also really attatched to the slinky that was in his stocking and carries it around in the trunk of his trike (I know, trikes didn't have trunks when I was a kid). He also got a toy fire truck that makes all sorts of 'fun' noises that he is particularly fond of.

Poor Brian didn't get jack this year. We agreed that the laptop would be our gift to eachother. I went ahead and got him a cookbook and had his liscense framed and put together some photo's to take to his office but that was just a few small things so he would have something to unwrap. He got me a case for the laptop and a (modest totally mommy) nightgown that I love because it has long sleeves so my arms don't get cold, 3 buttons so I can nurse, and is thin enough it doesn't bother me if it bunches around my waist when I sleep- as decoys the sneaky booger. Apparently he went halvsies with my mom and dad on the wheel (they are NOT inexpensive ones run for around 500 bucks for the basic setup without any extras...I'll get into that on my next post though).

That's all for now - Both kids are sleeping and I could be spinning...(but I think I'll play City of Heroes with Brian for a bit instead cuz he might not buy me the next big toy I want if I totally ignore him for this one...I'm KIDDING I love playing this game with him but right now I have a new can't buy someone a toy and then make them come play with yours...again I love playing CoH but I have this new toy and the kids are asleep and...ok I'm going).