Monday, December 14, 2009

Crafty Stuff

Spent most of the weekend shopping for Christmas and we are almost done...Just 5 more people to I need to finish the socks for someone (ok I need to start them. Yes I do know there are only 11 days until Christmas. I guess I better knit fast). On that note the mate for this sock:Is on hold until said pair are finished.

I made a really cute hat for Jake...I went sans pattern so it is a bit tight on his head but if I remember how I did it, Abby's will fit perfectly (I think I cast on 70). I may just make his Abbys since he really doesn't like to wear it (say it ain't so) and it fits her well (and it has a bit more purple than blue in it - didn't see that in the dim light of the shop).

On Saturday my friend Alexis met me at the craft shop and we bought stuff to make some handbags. They turned out really cute! Here is mine:
and you can see hers on her blog here. I actually finished mine on Sunday as we were running short on time and I am the one that keeps the sewing machine at the end of the day :)
On Thursday I finished filling the cop on my drop spindle so here is hank#3 of my Ring Around the Rosie yarn that will become some socks for me someday...Probably pair this yarn with some black and either use this pattern: or just to a simple sock with black cuff, heel and toe.
Sooo I am off to start a pair of parting I thought I'd show you the pic I was able to snap of Santa and his Reindeer:

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Alexis AKA MOM said...

Oh girlie your purse turned out so cute! Love the sock on hold and can't wait to see the other pair you whip up!

Santa and a Reindeer already stopped by? Very cute!!!! Thanks again for finishing up my project with me!