Sunday, November 29, 2009

Just thinkin'

Sometimes I am so amazed at humanity and they way we are. It seems incredible that we can be so much the same in every aspect of things - we all eat, sleep, have emotions that are the same (though to varying degrees and yes I know there are exceptions to everything so lets not argue the small points shall we?) and yet we are all so uniquely individual also. You may look at a Van Gogh and see a beautiful night sky, and I may look at it and see globs of paint and wonder why the hell anyone would choose to arrange said paint in such a way. All of us are creative in some way or another whether we do so via artistic methods or not, it is there, it exists in all of us. So whatever your creative outlet is - be it artistic like painting, crafty like knitting or scrapbooking, or simply the way you arrange your extra toiletpaper rolls in the cubboard - keep doing it...there is and will only ever be one you in all of time. Express yourself and keep it coming don't worry about how good things are or if they hold any value - just express yourself for yourself.


Alexis AKA MOM said...

Love it my dear! So very true!

L J said...