Monday, November 02, 2009

Old and New

I was taking pictures of something new to show ya'll and discovered some old pictures I forgot to show ya. So the 'old stuff' is that when we were packing up the bathroom at the old house, my friend says "what's in this drawer?" I say "what drawer?" he says "this one!" And pulls open a drawer I did not know existed for the last SIX YEARS! I have been livid over this ever since it's discovery. I could have been storing crap in there. Like bath towels and toilet paper. I am almost over it, but not quite. Here is the bathroom counter/cupboards/drawers:And here it is with the "invisible" drawer open:
I mean I could have kept enought tp in there for months of use! Or actually kept clean towels in there NOT stacked on the back of the toilet.

Anyway so there is the old stuff. The new stuff is that I knit up my Mohair yarn into a lace cowl and I absolutally love it. The yarn is so soft I knew I had to make something to wear next to the skin but there was very little of it to use. So I found a pattern on Ravelry and knit it up. It was a quick knit, very simple and easy to fix when I managed to screw it up (but really it's very simple, I was just not paying attention). Here it is on the table:

and here it is on:

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