Friday, November 21, 2008

Picture Time!

Could you please stop with the flashy thing already?

Sorry this has taken so long for me to get together...Here are a few pics from the last two weeks:Sorta Smiling for ya!

Having a snooze

Daddy's Comfy!

Jake and Mommy snuggling while Abby has a snack.

I think I'll call her 'Sissa'

I like to rock her in the bouncy chair (mom doesn't know how to orient a photo apparently).

Our first outing - we went and preselected our Christmas Tree. Abby enjoyed the sling and Jake loved tromping around in his rubber boots. Daddy took the picture so he wasn't in it :( Oh well, someone's gotta do it.
After tagging the tree we had the customary cup of hot apple cider. Jake likes the 'warm juice.'
And last night just before bed...Abby is having tummy time and Jake and Daddy are keeping her company.
Abby had her 2 week well baby check up yesterday and is doing great! She is still jaundiced but they told me it can take 6 - 8 weeks to go away. She now weighs 7lbs 6oz an is 201/2 inches long - so she is a full inch taller than when she was born!

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Alexis said...

OMG what an amazing family you have and you all look so great! I'm so glad to see you have learned to keep us updated with photos, you know so I don't nag :). Now all I have to do is teach you how to fix the picture to go the right way. LOL just playing! Hope all is well! Hugs!

P.S. I replied to your comment