Monday, November 03, 2008

Ok. I'm officially ready.

This kid can come out now. I have a clean (enough) house. My bag is packed. The carseat is installed. Brian has gotten to go to his football game and have a great day. I think everything I need to get done, or get through is done and over with. So come on out dear child, your eviction notice is posted and you have 3 days to vacate.


Alexis said...

LOL love it! So Costco walking today? :) I hope she comes soon and gives you a little rest before the fun nights begin. Hugs Lex

P.S. TYSM for dropping the bear off I'll pull out $20 for you when I go to the bank tonight. I was so going to post a very cute picture of it yesterday, but that was before the car drama and I was ready to run for the hills.

L J said...

Hmm.. sending thoughts of a quick and easy labour your direction, and before your appointment on Thursday.

Don't know of any way to speed up the process... I have heard that sex works... ;-) but then I have heard the same for scrubbing your floors.

Best wishes!