Thursday, November 20, 2008

Still here

Yes we are still here but two are harder to keep up with than one and you know, having a baby does require a bit of recovery time...
Jake is responding well to having another creature living in his house, overall he has been very clingy to Mommy but since that really seems to be all of his 'issues' at the moment I am certainly not complaining. He does seem to really love her too. He gives her lots of kisses and asks to hold her often. He also doesn't like to go anywhere without her (like up to his room or out of his carseat-He always reminds me to bring her with's kinda cute).
Abby is doing well. She was a little jaundiced but nothing to be concerned about. She is eating well and sleeping very well (except for last night but so be it).
I am a very very lucky Momma to have two kids that are this well mannered. I hope it stays this way...then again someone is almost two so we'll see.
I will post more pics later. But since Jake is visiting Grandpa Ron right now, I am going to have a shower by myself (ok..actually Abby needs a bath so I'll probably take her in with me but still, I won't be tripping over rubber duckies and turtles today).


Alexis said...

Well mannered? I'm not sure I know what that means since my once upon 2 yr old never grew out of it even at 4, some days! Maybe I have hope with Caden, probably just jinxed myself on that one!

I'm so glad your house is working so well and everyone is happy. It's like a dream to me ... LOL!

Hope to feel better soon so I can come visit.

I'll bring the coffee, we can pretend we're in a snotty coffee bar.

Hugs, Lex
(P.S.) I responded on my blog. =D

Rachael said...

Sounds like a date!

Alexis said...

You know it girl, well with out flowers. I guess I'm not that good at the date thing, but hey I know how to bring coffee ;)