Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The Plan

Tomorrow we go in for induction. I probably won't post again until after we have been home for a little bit. So Thursday baby it is (assuming that L&D has room - if they are full then we get pushed back or told no). I'll post again as soon as I am up to it.


Alexis said...

What you mean my blog doesn't call your name that you have log on each day! LOL just playing I can't wait to meet Abby! Thank you again for my amazing cup of coffee I so needed that right then. Ok that may be having coffee but it wasn't together so we so haven't had our official date ;).

I guess I can wait until you fell like going out. Or I can come over of course minus the boys! Now to make that work ... HMMMM. Ok I'll figure it out and I'll be the one bringing treats.


Rachael said...

Any time dear... and once I am semi-recovered feel free to bring the boys too.
You should try to get away and pop into the hospital or to the house if you want. I'll make Brian calls you when we have baby.

Alexis said...

You better, like it would be any other way! :0 Just playing, not really I should be prety close to the top!

I'll pop over to the house when your settled in!