Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Are You Lurking?

For those of you out there that read my blog...tell me! I know of several people that read like Alexis, Luneray and Lana. However....I have been told by a little birdie that there are family members of mine out there that complain about the lengthy times between new photos of my darling family...I didn't even know you were reading! I don't know if you don't tell me! Soooo...leave me a comment or something (for those that don't know how at the end of an entry is the word 'comments' just click on it and you can leave me a message - just keep in mind the messages are public so don't go talkin' like a sailor k?).

Speaking of family members, lately my daughter has been reminding me a lot of my Aunt Patty...It appears that she is a 'multi-sneezer' I don't think she has sneezed only once since she has been on the planet. Plus she is cute, so you know, there is another similarity.

Today I tried bathing both kids with me...that was not as bad as I thought it would be. Jake did as he always does and just sits in the bottom of the shower and plays with his toys and allows me to shampoo and soap him as long as I let him keep playing. It seems to work for us and he is starting to 'help' with the washing of his hair and tummy now too. Abby sat in a bath chair under a wash cloth (because that was enough to keep her covered she is so little) and was pretty content and even snoozed a bit while I soaped myself and Jake. Got her washed and then wrapped in a towel in the bouncy chair so I could dry me and Jake...It actually worked out pretty well. We'll see how it goes as she gets bigger...of course I don't plan on letting them bathe with me every day, it was simply the most time efficient today.

Harder than I thought was figuring out how to go to the store with both of them in tow...now that was a new adventure. When Jake was tiny I just plopped him, car seat and all on the 'kid seat' of the shopping cart. Now that he sits in the seat I didn't know what to do with Abby since I couldn't put her seat in the cart. I ended up putting her on in the baby sling (I love, love, love my sling it is an 'ultimate baby wrap') and letting Jake sit in his usual spot in the cart. It worked out pretty well and we were only there for a few essentials like diapers so it wasn't too long of an outing (which was good because by the time we had gotten out of the house it was past nap time for Jake).

We stopped at McDonald's on the way home and I tried the McRib because I thought I remembered it being good...it was not. at. all. In fact I would have to describe it as downright gross. The sauce was ok (just their standard bbq) the bun was actually good. The 'meat' had a weird flavor and an indescribable texture that I will never again experience if I can avoid it at all. This must be why they don't keep it on the menu...they bring it back when people have forgotten how awful it is and then it stays long enough for people to try it again (presumably only once) and then it disappears from the menu again for a few years. Yet another reason to avoid this place alltogether.

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