Sunday, November 23, 2008

Nice Weekend

Not much new here lately. We are getting into a routine and settling into life with Abby around and loving every minute of it (even the minutes that I am awake at 3:30 in the morning because I know she is only going to be this little for a minute and I am trying to enjoy every second of it. With Jake too but knowing that unless there is an accident somewhere along the lines, Abby is my last baby and I really want to take it all in as much as I can).
Friday Abby and I went to knit night and got to see the ladies. I brought my knitting but didn't end up even taking it out of the bag. It was nice to get out of the house for a little bit though.
Yesterday was a full day for our little family. We got up and went to breakfast and then headed to the mall to buy Brian some new clothes. First we looked for shoes since the only ones he wears currently are Doc Martin boots (these are the only shoes I have known him to wear in the last ten years except for occasionally he'll wear Converse or golf shoes). No luck at Sears so we headed to JC Penny - no luck there either. Then we trekked down to Payless and actually found some that not only did he like, but they had in his size. On top of that they cost about half of what a similar shoe would at the other joints. By this time Jake was toast and wwwaaayyy past nap time and though Abby was asleep my boobs were about to explode so I know she had to be getting hungry. I LOVE the sling I had her in and I was able to hook her up and nurse her while we walked back to the other end of the mall. Back to Sears we went and found him 3 pairs of pants, 3 shirts, some socks and a new belt. So he is all decked out. We hit Jack in the Box on the way home and got lunch and a couple of smoothies - I gotta tell ya'll Jack in the Box makes one of the best smoothies I have ever had.
Today is our lazy day for football. Jake and I will take a walk this afternoon and maybe kick the soccer ball in the yard but mostly it's a lazy day for hanging out in jammies (course we are dressed but still that is the 'feeling' of the day). Brian even got Jake out of bed this morning (which he does for me most mornings) but he kept him in the living room so Abby and I could sleep a little longer wich was a very nice treat for me.
Well, the Hawks are on so I am going to go drop some yummy cocounut shrimp into the FryDaddy and watch my boys toss the ball around the field.


Alexis said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend, and lot's of exercise walking up and down the mall. Good fine on the shoes, I can't wait to see Bri in something other then doc's. We're all going to be spiffed up tomorrow. What a sight to see!

Now you made me want a smootie, darn in PJ's. Guess I could go out, but that is so against the What not to wear rules PJ's outside the house.

What a nice thing sleeping in! Where can I get a hubby like that? LOL Hugs!

Rachael said...

The sleeping in doesn't happen very least yours does laundry occasionally...
I am with you no pjs out of the house (only if I am in a mad dash to get the garbage to the curb before the truck drives past).
I can't wait to come and see the new office and I am curious to see how a couple of people you work with will be dressed too. For some there will be no change and for others a major one.