Friday, July 24, 2009

Finished Yarn

Ok so yesterday while Jake was at Grandpa's house I finished up some spinning. First I finished plying the Rasputin roving that I had made samples from earlier this week and hanked it and set the twist. I got 188 yards in this first skein and I still have 2/3 of the roving left to spin. And it was really really fun to spin. I loved waiting for the colors to change and since they are short blips it was not an agonzing wait. Also It was totally fun to ply too since I got to see what colors would fall together. The yarn turned out to be sortof a mix between the two samples I made. It is still a 3 ply and the colors are more concentrated, but different colors came together a lot more like sample B did before. I am going to have a blast knitting with it! I have decided to call it Autumn Warmth (pretty fall colors and it's gonna keep me or someone I love warm).The other yarn I finished yesterday was not really 'work' per say as it was already spun and plyed and just waiting to be hanked up and set. I know anyone who spins would say I'm crazy, the work was already done and now you just have the last step! But I waited because this was the roving that Brian bought for me and I wanted him to like the yarn I made from it. I was torn between using it as is (a 2-ply) or making it into a chain ply. Anyway he said he didn't really like the look of a 4ply either so I decided to leave it as a 2 ply (I know it's not like I'm knitting something for him out of the purple yarn but still...). So anyway, here it is! I think I still have a little roving left over too. This one yeilded just shy of 650 yards and boy my arms are sore from wrapping it around my homemade niddy noddy some 380 times.

So today I think I have to deal with the laundry I ignored yesterday and take a few minutes to whip my kitchen back into shape.

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Alexis AKA MOM said...

Ohhh love the last one that color is just gorgeous! Yikes 300+ times maybe that can be my new work out! I'll start coming over and helping ... LOL

Hope you have fun with the laundry! I must get off this computer and pack ... LOL :)