Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Drugged and House Stuff

So yesterday I finally went to see the doctor about my crazy itching...what I didn't tell ya'll that it came back and I just itch all day everyday? I guess cuz it is not nearly as bad as that first time...just a little itch on my arm, or leg, or back, or well, pretty much my whole body, but tolerable. I got sick of it and went on it (with two kids in tow, good thing I didn't have to get into a gown or something). Doc did a low tech scratch my skin with the back of his fingernail to see what my reaction was. It flamed up beyond what is normal so he said that I had some kind of Derma...something. Basically translates into "take these antihistimenes until it goes away because we don't know what it is." He gave me some office samples of a drug I had not yet heard of. Told me to take one once or twice a day...maybe half of one since I'm small...and at night because they can make you 'a little groggy.' I got home about 1pm (after the grocery store and taking my Sweetheart some lunch) and put Jake down for his nap. Then I discovered a message on my machine from an agent wanting to show the house between 1 and 2. Um...ok so now I have to bust ass to get the house in showing condition before 2. I called to tell her it was ok, but the end of her window was better for me. A guy answered...a coworker I guess...she had left her phone at the office. I kept cleaning anyway since I thought she might show anyway...at about 2pm just as I was finishing getting the house all done and turning on the tv to sit down for a few I see them pull up. I told them they were welcome to look at the house as long as they were ok with me sitting in the living room with Abby and didn't mind that Jake was asleep in his bed. They were fine with that and just then Andrew arrived and chatted with me while they looked at the house. Everyone took off and I finally sat down to watch my show. I took one of my new pills and cut it in half...took the slightly bigger half. This was right around 3:30pm. Shortly after that I got a call from another agent wanting to show my house again to a client that had seen it a couple of months ago (I am thinking maybe a sale fell through...we were #2 on a lot of people's lists and maybe now we'll be #1). Yeah! two for the price of one cleaning! Good thing too since they wanted to come either now or in an hour or so (right in the middle of dinner). I told her now would be fine. Of course I didn't realize they were like right around the corner...they pulled up while 1. I had no shoes on. 2. Jacob was running around naked from the waist down and 3. there was still littlle boy pee in the toddler potty. Thank goodness she was standing outside finishing up a phone call it gave me time to take care of all of those things. We drove around the block and parked out of sight until they were done (well I could see the house but I don't think they could see me.) I started dinner shortly after we got back and kept thinking about how dissapointed I was that the medication had not done a darned thing for my itching and maybe I should have taken the whole pill. I decided to take it shortly before bed. Once dinner was done and overwith (about 6 - 6:30) I started to feel tired. Really tired. Like fall asleep on the couch tired. I don't know how long I slept but it was reminicent of the tired I felt when I was pregnant. The crappy thing is...I still itched. When I woke up I still felt very groggy. Brian said I looked awful...like I was high. And that really is the best description...I was having all of the side effects of being high (like on vicoden or percocet) but not the high feeling - just the tired heaviness. I slept very very hard last night and only slightly itch this morning. I think I am going to try Claratin (or whatever the generic version is) since this stuff does not seem to be worth the trouble (even if it was free). I might give it one more shot but I will wait until bed time to take it. Maybe that is why it works...it doesn't stop the itching...it just knocks you out cold so you don't even know you itch (kinda like vicoden...you don't not feel pain...you just don't care about the pain).
So, here's to maybe getting an offer on the house and maybe the itching stops soon.

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Alexis AKA MOM said...

Holy crud! Wow 2 showings one day that rocks, fingers crossed! I was giggling so hard at the half naked Jake that is priceless!

I'm sorry to hear the itching came back. The generic Claritin is good.