Friday, January 27, 2006

So Tired - Rant

Well I am very very ready for the week to be over.
On Tuesday night DH and I went to bed. He couldn't sleep. Kept hearing a noise. I heard it but I didn't care enough to let it bother me. After he tossed and turned for an hour and a half he got up to investigate. Went to the basment and discovered it was the sump pump trying to engage (but failing) he also discovered 4 inches of standing water in our basement. Yay. Guess what I got to do all night? Well no, we didn't bail out the basement - there were probably 500 gallons of water down there. I got up and went down...put on some sandals and stepped in...Water up to my ankles. I waded over to the sump pump to see if I could get it to trigger. Reached my arm down up to the elbow and fiddled with it. It was at this point that I noticed a wonderful SLIMY texture coating my skin. My best guess is that it was varnish left over from the previous homeowner who had used the basement as a woodworking shop. Sooo...we finally decided that there was nothing that we could do that night and unpluged the pump so the motor wouldn't burn out. We removed the wine bottles from the bottom layers of our wine racks. We had already lost 4 bottles of wine but fortunately it was our homemade wine and not one of the really expensive bottles we had purchased.
We jumped in the shower (got smart and brought the grease cutting kitchen soap with us) and scrubbed. And scrubbed. And scrubbed. Finally the hot water gave out so we went to bed slightly less slimy than before.

We spent Wednesday morning at the hardware store and replacing the pump. It looks like we are only out a few hundred bucks. The pump was only about 80 plus a few other supplies. The big loss was the home winemaking equipment that we won't be able to use again. That needs to be nice and sterile so I don't think any amount of washing will get the equipment clean enough for my tastes (besides, would you want to drink it)? So we'll replace the equipment as we need it. The biggest headache is going to be cleaning up the mess down there. We had lots and lots of cardboard boxes down there and they are all soggy and shot so it's gonna be ugly. Oh well it is what it is. At least now (Friday) the house has stopped smelling like varnish.

Now I am just exhausted from work. I really slacked off on Monday and Tuesday, and I know it. But I am paying for it now playing catchup. That wouldn't be so bad (I am catchin up with all of the data entry and filing) but I have had my head bitten off on no less than 4 occassions today by tenants (I work for a Property Management group) who seem to think I am the one who is at fault when their power goes out and want me to snap my fingers and fix it. Oh yes what a lovely day...Not only the power outage (which usually means about 20 or so extra calls) but we had a building that had raw sewage back up into it thru the floor drains, sinks and toilets! YUK! I understand this is aweful disgusting gross and unnacceptable but I CANT FIX IT FROM HERE!!! Not only that but that king of problem is out of the scope for our regular building maintenance men - they have to call contractors out and contractors TAKE TIME to get there. Of course for most of my tenants YESTERDAY isn't fast enough.

Ok I am done ranting and actually feel a little better. Now if only I wasn't so darn tired!
Well, back to the filing I go!

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Bubbybird said...

I hate days/weeks/months/years like that, and unfortunetly life continues to go on inspite of us!!Hope your days are getting better and your nites too!! Sleep is a good thing, sleep is our friend!