Thursday, January 05, 2006


Woo hoo! ok so it looks like I have figured out how to post a pic from the web...just not sure how to make it work out of my pic folder. Hopefully it will work better from my home computer since that is where I will be uploading from usually.
Anyway this is Harley Quinn the Fairy I am working on from the FairyGoddessMothers group. The fairy template was created by our Listmom Linda Pool (she has some good books out too - you should check them out if you are interested in quilting). Harley is still a bit of a brainchild but I have started to think about what her backround is going to be....I am starting to lean towards having her sit on a windowsill looking into a courtroom (throne room). I have some fun embellishments I am going to add too. I have some little jingle balls to hang from her hat and shoes and a couple of 'juggling balls' to put around her too. Next step I guess is to figure out how large to make the quilt itself so I can start drafting the backround.
Ok well, that's all for now I suppose...I'll post some more pics later tonight I hope - this is assuming I can figure out how to make it work.


Aeron said...

I SEE IT>>it is cool

Anonymous said...

I can't see the picture?? What's going on??