Saturday, January 07, 2006

Winter Fairy

On a typical Northwest day here in Washington some years ago my brothers and I were playing on Christmas day. We had opened our presents and downed a lot of candy and we were killing time between opening our gifts and going to Grandma's for dinner.Well that day my brother got a microscope for Christmas...boy were we having fun putting everything we could find under there and looking at it.Of course it wasn't long before we took the thing outside and started putting leaves and bark and all sorts of stuff in it...It was my turn and I had a nice brownish red leaf I wanted to see up close. I put my eye to the scope and just as I was getting ready to slide the leaf under a snowflake landed on the bed! wow was I excited to see a snoflake magnified. but not as excited as I was when I realized that it was no mistake it landed there.Upon taking a second look (for my eyes couldn't be trusted) I saw the Winter Fairy Goddess bringing life to the first snow of the year. Sure enough when I looked back up it had started to snow!I have preserved that memory and placed it on the block you see in the picture today.


Anonymous said...

Wanted to peep in and see how you were getting onj with your blog and if you had worked out the picture loading thingie. All I can say is wow you FG block is absolutely gorgeous. Great work


Dreamspinner Cheryl said... have the soul of a writer! LOVE the snowflake story-I can just see it in my mind.