Sunday, May 27, 2012

Another Addiction

I have been having lots of fibery fun lately. First I finished carding up the fiber I dyed with Easter egg dyes.
I also got around to taking a picture of the plyed yarn I made from the roving I bought at the spring fair.
My guild is also making some friendship hats in which we all spin up some yarn, cut into 30 yard skeins. Then we all take about 8 of these mini skeins from each other and make a hat using some of each yarn. Originally I spun this yarn:
to use but Jacob begged me to make him a hat out of it so I ended up using something else. My hat did not turn out like planned but in the end I think it will work. This is a shot of it before blocking. 
I hope it will look a bit better after I finish blocking it.
Finally, the new addiction is weaving mini squares. While looking for something else on YouTube I came across a video of  a woman with a little square loom that she was weaving WHILE warping so when you are done with one, you are done with the other. I followed the link to these little looms and figured I could make one for WAY cheeper than they were being sold for. Rather than spending 25 bucks plus shipping I spent 3 bucks at the craft store and invested 30 minutes of time and voila! A little lap loom!
Less than 24 hours later I have a tidy little stack of woven squares that will make a neat little blanket when they are all sewn together.
Now that I have finished knitting the hat and it is blocking I can go back to whipping out more squares - seriously these things only take minutes to make and they are tons of fun. I didn't even get bored doing plain white ones. While I am still working on the hexipuffs, I think I will be using my samples on these little squares as they are more suited to different grists of yarn and stick to sock yarn for the hexipuffs.
I think I will make a larger square loom to do bigger squares out of that I can then felt. These things are a great size for sample weaving and I may even make a few more in this size with different setts just for the purpose of sampling before weaving.

4 comments: said...

Those are cool.. I have gotten myself into plastic canvassing. My mother in law gave me some plastic canvas a friend has just recently shown me how to do them. so I am making some tissue covers. Will post them when I get them done. Talk soon.

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Love the Easter Egg Dye ones, the colors are perfect!

What a cool idea to all make a hat. Such a nice mom to give to him! I do love your hat though. I always love your stuff :).

I can't wait to see the end result of the blanket.

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