Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Who needs A/C

Sooo for a while now the A/C on the van has been acting up (not blowing cold - unless your moving so red lights were unbearable during that heatwave we had a few weeks back). Anyway I finally took it in to the dealership to have them look at it (mind you this entailed both children's carseats having to be moved to the courtesy shuttle - I am really glad we didn't wait around for them to do it cuz we would have been there until 3pm and we got there around 9am). Anyway the diagnostic cost $105 after taxes...the fix would have cost another $1000 on top of that. We can't afford that so we are going to go on our annual camping trip with no A/C. Fortunately it is supposed to be a reasonable temperature this year (not in the 90's or higher thank goodness).

Last night I made another snake for Abby and also one for an almost 5yr old friend of mine.
Abby's is the smaller 18inch size and Eldon's is the larger 34inch size.

Now the task at hand is getting the house whipped into shape and getting everything packed and ready to go camping. We are leaving at the crack o dawn on Saturday so I have 4 days to do it. So I guess I'll go start a load of laundry.


Alexis AKA MOM said...

Eldon's snake rocks!! OMGosh that is too cool and real looking! I'm sorry that his broke (Bri just told me that).

Cole LOVES his, had to take it to school and show all the kids and teacher. You should have seen them all gather around it. He was so proud to tell everyone that he made it. Yup sleeps and everything with it!

Yikes on the AC!!

Rachael said...

It broke because he couldn't put his down either...got a little rough with it (think he tried to use it as a jump rope) buuut I can fix it...I think. Haven't seen the damage yet.
I am really glad Cole likes it so much. If you know anyone else that wants one I could use the extra couple of bucks so just lemme know.

jeanius said...

those are awesome! I hope your camping trip isn't unbearably hot!