Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Sweet Sleep

I am looking forward to getting a decent nights sleep again soon. Brian finally decided he was ready to get a new mattress - Ok he was tired of hearing me complain about ours...he says there is nothing wrong with it...I disagree since I there are two rather large divots where we sleep that can be seen just by looking at it (and this is with 3inches of mattress topper and a made bed). He also doesn't seem to notice the ridge in the center of the bed between our two divots. There is also the 'uphill side' which is the edge of the mattress since those springs are reinforced they did not wear down like the center ones...I HATE sleeping on a slope of any kind. Now keep in mind I have not been actively whining or complaining...he asks me how I slept, I say not well, he asks why and I tell him it's the mattress. If he doesn't ask why, I don't tell him. But anyway I am very happy that come Friday night I won't be sleeping in a huge divot. I am also very happy that since it was on sale and we decided not to have it delivered (for 50 bucks! really? most places deliver free of charge when you spend that kind of money) and we only bought the mattress, not the set, it only cost us 200 bucks out of pocket with many thanks to Brian's mom and step dad as they gifted us with some Visa gift cards for Christmas.

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Alexis AKA MOM said...

You mean you're not suppose to find that huge whole and sink in to go to sleep? Hmmmm well I'm glad it's not just us fluffy people that have those sinking holes in our bed ... :)

Yeah new bed, that is a win in my book!