Thursday, May 21, 2009

Startitis? at least it's followed by Finishitis

For some reason I have been feeling the need to whip out quick easy projects. I think it's because I want to continue the 'high' I got from completing my last pair of first I made the socks for Abby then I made a headband for myself. Originally it was going to be a hat for me and I realized I didn't have even close to enough yarn for that. Then it was going to be a hat for Abby. Again, realized I didn't have enough yarn for that either. So it became a headband. I couldn't find a pattern that I liked so I eventually made up my own pattern and it came out pretty well even though they coloring of the yarn kinda makes it hard to see:
Then I decided that I was probably never going to finish this scarf:
So I grabbed the unused end of one of the balls of yarn and cast on for a fingerless mitt. I wanted to be sure I had enough yarn before I cut it because if it wasn't going to work I decided just to stick out the scarf. Well, it worked beautifully!
So now I am working on the second mitt from the other ball of yarn. When that is done I will still have both remnants of the yarn attatched to the scarf so I will be able to finish them up in the scarf and there will be zero waste yarn.

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Alexis AKA MOM said...

Ok I'm so impressed with all the pictures! You rock my dear! LOVE the headband! You're so good about using all the extras :)