Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sew. What's Up?

So I set the knitting needles down for a few days and broke out the sewing machine. My friend Alexis came over and needed some help with a sewing project (btw, she is not as unequiped as she thinks she is to use a machine, really she did fine) and I decided to crank one out with her. I had a ton of fun and have made several more. More what? Oh, right, I made a few pillows I have a couple of pictures but they are not all done...
This is Jacob and his fake smile: He seems to really like the pillow as he has been carrying it around with him since I finished it. It makes me feel all warm and gushy when he does stuff like that. The fake smile is because he wanted to be laying on the pillow, not posing for Mommy.
Abby seems to like hers too:

This is both Jake and Abby's all done:
And the backs...Abby's isn't all that exciting, but I think the pieced back on Jacob's is adorable. Also, his is done entirely in flannel and it is so soft and snuggly...I think that is totally the way to go for a huggy soft pillow. The cotton on Abby's is cute, just not as soft.
This is for my neice, Eve. Her name is short so I made a flower to go on hers...This one needs stuffing and sewing closed. Back is the same pink floral as the backround.
This is for Eve's sister, can you guess her name? I think this one will have a pieced backing.
Oh and one more. But don't worry Alexis, I am not actually making this one, our friend Andrew came over to pick up his car and started one, I only provided the tools and fabric (and dinner).

Now I need to head to WalMart to get a giant box of stuffing (no it's not called batting, those are two different things used for different purposes). I have gone through my stash that I use for stuffing my bears and will need more for both bears and to finish the pillows.
Ok I am gonna go get the kids some breakfast and then we are off to Wally World.


Alexis AKA MOM said...

OMG I love Eve's that flower rocks!!! Even Andrew got into the mix, wow I think I need better friends ... LOL

You're too kind, thanks I had fun and not too bad for my first time sewing in many years. I can't wait to do Caden's. I think I would like to do 2 more for our last names and wehn I'm really good one for my mom (she's picky as you know ... LOL).

Thanks for the shout out :)

jeanius said...

These are adorable! Can you believe we still have FAILED to find suitable flower girl dresses? UGH I HATE the whole wedding 'market'.

Will we be meeting up this Saturday? How is Brian feeling?
See you Friday!

News Around The Blogs said...

These are the cutest pillows EVER!!!

Great Job!

Alicia Arnold said...

So cute! SO much talent!

Alexis AKA MOM said...

See now I can see Eldon's ugh! LOL