Monday, April 06, 2009

Some more stuff

I have been crafting some more as usual.
Finished up the socks for Eldon:
Currently in the works:
A photo yet. I'll get it posted when the bear is born (no photo's mid-gestation - that would be weird (Alexis I am talking to you)).
Progress on my Navajo ply-as-you-go sock yarn:

A pair of socks for me in a colorway that I am totally in love with:

And another pair of socks for me using the two at a time method:

On the wheel I have some singles from some roving that Brian bought for me:

Oh, I made a spindle out of a dowel, a cup hook and a toy car wheel: Total cost was less than $1.50. This spindle is perfect for spinning my little samples on when I have my 'good' spindles and wheel full of ongoing projects:

That being done I hand combed together a couple of rovings I had and blended the colors to make a nice purple. I had just enough to make a sock to fit my new keychain:

Can't wait to make dozens of these little (one of a kind) socks to change out as I see fit. Right now I am totally in love with the sock that is on there because it is from my very own handblended, hand spun yarn. These will be perfect for using up my little samples of handspun. I also think they would be adorable keychains on thier own (withough the little sockblocker) or Christmas tree ornaments.
As you can see I have a lot of knitting and sewing and spinning to work on, anyone want to help out (and by help I mean do my dishes and laundry)?


Jen said...

What pretty colors! And your blog helped me with the name of "sockblocker", i've been wondering what they are called so I can obtain some. Thanks!

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Love it girlie that little sock rocks!!! I'm so glad you put at least some pictures up ... LOL.

You're just rocking the crafty lady award arent' you :).