Tuesday, April 07, 2009

God Damn It!!!!

For the love of Mike!
So...just before our Vegas trip our oven craps out. Last week we had to replace it (bye bye 500 bucks). Flash to today.
Scheduled furnace inspection $59
Really needs service so change that $59 to $199.
Needs a part replaced. add on another $104.
Oops there is another part that needs to be replaced (if it fails might blow up the house). $143
Add tax.
Now all we need to do is replace the dishwasher and maybe this fucking house will sell.


L J said...

HUGS! Sorry that everything seems to be slapping you with a hefty repair bill today. That really sucks lemons. I'll pass the tequilla to you... doesn't sound like making lemonade will do the trick.

L J said...

Hey ... No spinning tonight. I just NOW looked at the calendar as I am getting ready to go and the second tuesday isn't tonight... it's the 14th. ACK. I am going to call Jeanie and see if she has your number.

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Sorry Girlie, Bri told me that today. When it rains it pours. Ugh ... what a year to have short bonuses ... ahhhhh

Fingers crossed this is the last!!!

Carolyn in Kentucky said...

Rachael, I am sorry that you have had so many serious financial hits at one time. I just caught up on your blog. Jake is so big and Abby is just an adorable baby girl. Your yarn is gorgeous, way to go. Sunshine