Wednesday, April 29, 2009

More yarn

I told ya'll that I had dyed some roving with the same pink and green kool-aid as the little sample I used in my sock and now I have the yarn finished is what it looked like on the wheel and all done:

Think this will end up being socks for Abigail (I think I'll have enough, we'll see).
Oh and in order to have enough empty bobbins to do that yarn on I had to finally get off my butt and finish off the very very first yarn I did on my spinning wheel- some straight up white merino that was given to me by the lady that sold me the wheel in order to have something to show me how to use the wheel with. I used Black Cherry kool-aid for this one:
Oh Merino is so soft! Think I'll make a cabled hat with this yarn.


Alexis AKA MOM said...

Ohhhh this one is my favorite! You know how I love Pink. You're way too talented for me! Keep rocking it girlie :)

jeanius said...

your yarns look so round and smooshy :)

fingers crossed on your house selling!

Rachael said...

Thanks ladies!