Sunday, September 18, 2011

Woolly Distractions

Abigail is trying to adjust to her brother going to Preschool without her so she and I have been doing lots of focused one on one time during his school hours. I think it has been really nice for us to have this time together just her and me. On Thursday we did some Kool-Aid wool dying of the Romney fleece that I bought at the Spring Fair last year. First we mixed the Kool-Aid and then put in the wool.
Abby pushed it down into the water and I put it in the microwave. After it was all 'cooked' I rinsed it and drained it in the 'wool spinner' (a salad spinner dedicated to my woolly things). Then Abby helped me spread it out to dry.
We were having so much fun that rather than just the two colors I was planning we ended up with 6 or seven and had to get out the drying racks. After they were dry (That evening) I started combing out the colors one by one. I was hoping to get a heathered look but the color saturated too well for that so I may go back and comb in some undyed wool  to get the effect I am looking for.


Inthesky said...

Abigail looks like a natural born Fibre Artist, she is completely absorbed in her work. Beautiful pictures :)

Alexis AKA MOM said...

That basket looked so pretty on the table and smelled great too :). I loved seeing them in person.

Abby looks like she had tons of fun helping mom out :) said...

Wow that is cute.. I love that blue color you got with the kool aid color.. Abigail is very precious..