Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Weaving: Wool and Flowers

I finally finished my Sheep to Shawl sample scarf after some serious down time and here it is before fulling:

I took it to Toni's and she helped me full it and block it so we could get accurate measurements for shrinkage and needed fiber for the actual shawl. It looks like we have plenty of fiber but decided to toss a little silk into the batts for the warp to add a little luster and drape.
Here it is after fulling:

The pattern is a bit clearer and I think that once we dye the warp it will really pop out. I am so looking forward to having some color in this pattern!
After a walk in Toni's beautiful garden we took some inspiration from her coffee roses and decided on our colors.
Speaking of gardens, I noticed that my lavender is in bloom and decided to try making a lavender wand:Lavender wands were in fashion with the Victorian ladies and are still used as a wonderful way to scent the air. You can keep them in your dresser or anywhere you would like to repel moths, place them in a flower arrangement (a great way to scent a silk flower arrangement) or pop them in a vase in your bathroom. If you don't want to make a wand, you can collect and dry the buds and sprinkle them in your tub, put them in a sachet or an eye pillow. On a side note you should keep fresh lavender away from boys as there are natural hormones in the plant that can affect them in negative ways.


Alexis AKA MOM said...

NEVER knew that about lavender and boys ... HMMM

I do love the look of that wand, I've always had the little sachets that are in my undie drawer :)

I can't wait to see it all done up in color I'm sure it will be gorgeous as everything you make!

I'm so sorry we missed you this weekend too. It was so much fun, and Bri would have loved the Jello CUPS .... lol You have to get him that book I found the recipe in. it's from the Jello Shot Test Kitchen her site rocks too check it out :)

Inthesky said...

I love the weaving it is very inspirational. Also love your lavender wand, I didn't know about lavender and boys either!

Rachael said...

For Alexis and Lucy -
The oil in lavender can cause Gynecomastia (breast growth) in boys. It promones estrogens(female) and it can also suppress androgens (male). If a boy gets this and stops using lavender it will go away on it's own. Also it is usually only repeated exposure that causes this.
(see web md for all of the details if you want).