Tuesday, July 05, 2011

All Done and Dissapointed

Well, I finished the thing I was knitting.

I was working on a test knit of a shawl and I LOVE the look of it and I was really excited to wear it, however it is too small.

I have always heard about the 'gauge lies' phenomenon but have never experienced it myself to this degree. I did a gauge swatch before beginning the project and got just a smidge over 4 stitches per inch(spi). The gauge that was called for was 4spi and I figured if I did the large size shawl that smidge would not matter as the large would be too big for me so that little bit would help it become just the right size. After finishing the shawl and laying it out I see that is WAY to small...it is supposed to be 54in across for the small size and 74 for the large. Mine is 44. yeah. not great. So I measured the gauge and it's 6spi. Waayyyy off.

Hopefully it will block out a bit larger, but it feels doubtful...it is very inelastic on one side from where the colors traveled up the side so I will be limited to stretching it to whatever that side will allow. I am definitely doing a 'hard block' on this one though.
I am a bit bummed about it since I was so eager to wear it, however worst case it will fit Abby nicely.
Here it is, unblocked for now:


nbrsspot.blogspot.com said...

I love the colors you chose.. Those are beautiful colors.. I cant wait to get my sweater done wehre I can show you guys.. I have almost one sleeve done I have never made a sweater this way before and I am hoping it turns out.

Alexis AKA MOM said...

What a bummer, I hate when you're looking forward to something and then it doesn't come out like you want. But I know Abby will be super cute in it!

Love the colors :)

Anonymous said...

You should post a picture of Abbs wearing her new shawl...