Thursday, January 27, 2011

Challenge Met!

Look LOOK! I got my spinning done!I am so excited to have finished the singles I have been spinning for I don't remember exactly how long now...A while back Brian brought me home some of this: and I decided that it was destined to become my very first adult size sweater, made for me (ok so maybe I am not adult sized, but still I am bigger than a 4year old). I had to spin the yarn first though. Then Janel over at Spindlicity posted her destash challenge and I decided to participate. For the purpose of the challenge I only entered what I had not spun yet (duh) - the above unspun roving and this picture here of that very roving all done:
The five other bobbins were full before the challenge. So now I have met my challenge and I am ready to start plying (maybe tomorrow cuz I spun for like 3 hours today and my back is killing me). I am so excited about this yarn (can you tell? no? ur not paying attention...) and I am very excited to start the sweater...Here is a picture:

The patterin is in the Winter 2009 issue of Spin Off Magazine by Interweave Press. I am sure they have back issues.
But...first the plying, then setting, then swatching...maybe. If I am in the mood.


Marlene said...

Ooooo, pretty! At first glance they look like homemade jam all lined up and labelled after a canning session.

Why yes, I do have a wild imagination. Why do you think it's so easy for me to spend an entire day playing with a doll?

Alexis AKA MOM said...

I can't wait to see it all done that sweater is going to be gorgeous!

Way to go on finishing the challenge.