Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Yes we are still alive

...Not that one could tell by reading my blog....but Jacob and I have settled into a routine and now I can get some computer time in so hopefully I won't be such a stranger to the internet anymore. We'll see if this holds once he starts to be mobile...
Life has been good - We all went on a camping trip in June and that was fun except Jake's first tooth started to come in while we were there so we had a few tough times. Other than that things have been pretty much the same day to day. Jake has started eating 'solid' foods and really really loves it!

Anyway here are a few pictures:


Ginabee said...

Glad to hear your getting in a groove .. enjoy every moment. Your sweetie is gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Rachael, I am thrilled that you and Jake are getting settled into each other's schedule. We have missed you in the forest, but understand that that little one is your main priority. Please give him a hug from his FGM aunts. Carolyn H in KY (aka, the Sunshine fairie)