Thursday, February 09, 2006

Eve's Quilt

Well, it's finally done! Quilted and bound. D-U-N DUN!
Brian did a great job picking out the fabric, designing the quilt and doing all of the piecing. When he finished he gave it to me and I added the borders, quilted it (in a 4inch grid) and bound it.
We bound it in red, and it is a little hard to see in the photo, but I assure you it is sharp and totally completes the quilt.
We hope that Eve will enjoy crawling on it and later when she is bigger, snuggling up under it.
Oh, and just for fun, here is a pick of the Kiddo at Christmas (I think she was somewhere around 3 weeks old at the time).

1 comment:

Alikat said...

Totally love the colour selection for Eve's quilt and when she eventually grows out of it it could have a nice home here on my knee in the UK :0)