Friday, March 09, 2012

I don't know why I am still surprised by the changes that happen to colors when I spin but here I am surprised again. This is the ball of singles spun from the rolag in the previous post - next to a spindle full of the white singles it will be plied with.
The colors are dark and rich and I really love them. I knew in order to keep them that dark I would have to ply it back on itself or leave it a singles but I wanted to make the 'same' yarn I had before to compare end results better so I went ahead and wound the singles into a plying ball. As you can see this lightened it up rather well.
Finally the finished skein of plied and set yarn. In the end it was much closer to the desired result I was trying to achieve with the first set of rolags that came out rather orange. I really like that I got a bit more of the rainbow effect I was looking for and who knows what changes will happen to the colors when I knit or weave it.

2 comments: said...

its beautiful. thanks for sharing. I have been busy and havent gotten much done in the way of crocheting. still trying to finish our blanket on our bed. i have been using my almost done blanket. i have like six rows left yet..

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Ohhh I'm loving these colors too.