Saturday, January 21, 2012

Unplugged and Unknit

Well, here we are, back to the land of technology. With the harsh weather in our area we ended up losing power for a bit. First on Wednesday night we lost power in the middle of cooking dinner. Fortunately for us it was closer to the end of cooking dinner and we were able to still eat the meatloaf, mashed potatoes and corn. The potatoes were a bit lumpy and the corn was not quite hot enough but the meatloaf reach temp so it worked. We were only out for about 2 and a half hours before the power came back on but it was tough to keep the kids calm and get them to bed in the dark. The power was on all night and then went out at about 7 the next morning just after Brian had finished his shower. Poor Jake was in the shower (after jumping in after Brian was done with it) and it freaked him out a little. We got everything sorted out and Brian headed off to work. 
I am really glad that our gas fireplace works without electricity (wasn't sure it would come on as you do so by flipping a switch on the wall but it did). Were it not for that fireplace we would not have stayed warm enough. The power stayed off all day and I am really glad that we don't make a bunch of TV part of our daily routine. Yes of course I let the kids watch TV but I try not to let them ever have more than 2 hours a day so that made filling in that time from our normal routine not too bad. Cooking was a bit of a challenge and I had no coffee but my wonderful Brian brought us dinner home and picked me up a camp stove and some propane. We played board games on the floor by the fireplace with the kids and had some wonderful family time. The power was still out throughout the night and so we fired up the camp stove for boiling water (coffee oh sweet coffee - thank goodness for the french press).
It turns out that we were one of the lucky areas that got our power back on around 4pm that day (Friday) and oh it was so nice to feel that furnace kick on and my poor fish were on the brink of suffocation without the aerator going but they pulled through too.
On the knitting front I got my minimum stitches knit on Thursday but alas on Friday I did not knit a single stitch...I have decided to give up on these socks. I dropped out of the test knit ion Wednesday night as I knew I would not be able to meet the deadline. I also have finally come to accept that I detest cabling. I don't mind it if I have to pick up a cable needle every so often but when I have to cable on every single row I can't stand it. Now I know to think carefully and thoroughly examine patterns that contain cabling so I know which ones to avoid. Now the difficult task it to decide which socks I DO want to knit as I am sure I want another pair of socks on the needles.

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