Thursday, March 10, 2011

March Spinning Goal - and it's Completion.

Well, I had my spinning goal in mind and got so excited about it I didn't take as many in progress photo's as I would have liked to.
With my specific goal of a hat for Jacob in mind I went 'stash diving' and finding no 'Jacob Worthy' fiber I resigned myself to having to buy some (a trip to buy fiber, gee darn - actually it was on the tail end of a detist appt.) I bought 4 ounces of some commercially processed Merino in the Denim colorway from Ashland Bay at the Lamb's Ear in Tacoma. That night was my monthly spinning guild meeting and while there I split the roving in two and spun half of the singles in the couple of hours I was there. Later that evening after getting home I was on such a roll that I spun the second half of the singles 'thick and thin.'
Yesterday I started the plying - I had already had the beads and had intended on stringing them on the thinner single but that idea was scrapped when I realized I would not be able to pull the single through all of the beads without abrading to too much.So plan B was a spool of 'denim' colored sewing thread (Thank you Alexis! - you let me have this after a sewing project we worked on here - it couldn't be more perfect) to make a 3 ply - the two singles I had spun plus the tread with the beads strung on.I finished up the yarn that afternoon and set it to soaking. It is just barely dry enough to photograph - another day before it will be dry enough to knit with. It is destined to be a hat for my Jacob - the self proclaimed 'Letter Prince' (apparently Letter King was not to his liking).

Edited to add: As Alexis just pointed out in the comments - the month isn't even half over and I'm done. Perhaps I will add to my spinning goal this month as this was a new aquisition and not directly from the fiber stash (but the beads and thread were).


Alexis AKA MOM said...

I'm so glad you could use it, there is never any doubt that you'll put things to use. Look at you go the month is not even half way threw and your done!

I'm loving the pictures and the little wood cubes are such a cool touch!

Are you free Saturday?

tweetey30 said...

I have no idea how to do what you are doing.. Great job though.. thanks for sharing your ideas with us..

Rachael said...

@tweety30...First you need to learn to spin. Then you spin half of your wool in to a thick and thin singles and the other half into a fairly consistent singles. Next you string ALL of those beads onto a spool of sewing thread and ply the three together into a yarn, pulling each bead up to get caught in the ply as you need it. Simple no? (of course if you don't spin, then not so much).